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Suffolk is a ceremonial county in the East of England.

Roos Hall Suffolk

The Christmas Ghost of Roos Hall, Suffolk

Roos Hall in Suffolk is home of one of the UK's only festive ghosts, says KATE CHERRELL

Is the Chinnery ‘Backseat Driver’ ghost photo real?

Is the Chinnery Backseat Driver ghost photo real. RICK HALE looks at the controversial snapshot...
Bentwaters-Lakenheath IncidentBentwaters-Lakenheath Incident

Bentwaters-Lakenheath Incident tests Cold War allies over 1950s Suffolk

The Bentwaters-Lakenheath Incident saw a UFO appear to US and Royal Airforce personnel over England in 1956, RICK HALE reports...

Real-life M.R. James locations every fan must visit

Here are the locations you can visit that inspired English horror writer M.R. James, thanks to EDDIE BRAZIL
Black Shuck East Anglia

Black Shuck sightings and where to visit them in East Anglia

Guest writer PIERS WARREN goes on the trail of Black Shuck to reveals where to find the beast's haunts in East Anglia
Maria Marten Red Barn Murder

Maria Marten and the ‘Murder in the Red Barn’ on Film

MARK FRYERS looks at how the tragic tale of Maria Marten and the Murder in the Red Barn endures on film...

England’s obsession with Black Dogs and other demon hounds of hell…

BARRY McCANN looks at England's history of terrifying Black Dogs, from Black Shuck to Baskerville...
Haunted Ipswich

Ipswich: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

SARAH BLAIR DICKINSON checks out five of Ipswich's most haunted places to visit...

East Anglia gets Witch Fever with Matthew Hopkins!

JOSIE PALMER looks at how a lawyer from East Anglia whipped up hysteria over witches in the 1600s

Who was the real Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins?

BARRY McCANN goes behind the legend to discover the real Witchfinder General

Don’t disturb our ancient dead at Fornham Henge

East Anglia's oldest burial ground is in danger from a road and housing development. We look at why these graves must be saved.

Ghostly Dunwich and Coastal Horrors

Guest writer DAVID SENIOR takes a look at Suffolk's eerie village of Dunwich

Long Melford’s Mysterious and Ghostly History

TRACY MONGER recounts the supernatural history of Long Melford, Suffolk

Blythburgh Suffolk’s Supernatual Tales

TRACY MONGER recalls the spooky and tragic history of Blythburgh in Suffolk

Toads, Witches and Murder in Stradbroke Village, Suffolk

TRACY MONGER recalls some strange "witchcraft" events in Stradbroke Village, Suffolk from 1599
Green Children of Woolpit

Green Children of Woolpit remains a mystery

EVELYN SPARROW tells how two Green Children of Woolpit appeared mysteriously during the 12th Century

The Paranormal Bell-Ringing of Bealings House, Suffolk

MJ WAYLAND reports on Bealings House in Suffolk, the scene of a classic paranormal bell-ringing in 1834
Maria Marten Red Barn Murder

Red Barn Murder Told in Song: Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band

Shirley Collins and The Albion Country Band created a 70s folk music classic based on the infamous 19th century Red Barn Murder of Maria Marten

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