L.H. DAVIES tells us about the Welsh goblin, Bwbachod, who is known to enjoy a drink

Throughout the ages in almost every culture around the world, there are stories of helpful elves and brownies assisting humans with menial household chores during the night. These have become part of children’s nursery rhymes and stories; the most well known of these narratives, is of course that of the Elves And The Shoemaker.
However, in Wales there is an interesting goblin, that is also sometimes referred to as a spirit, that goes by the title of Bwbachod. Sometimes shortened the Bwbach, this goblin is generally known to be a benevolent creature with dark skin and a long nose.
Offered a cup of cream each night, (or its preferred tipple of ale), the Bwbachod is happy to aid the household maids with their work. There is however a darker side to these spirits. Not only will they turn malevolent should their regular offering be forgotten, but they have an intense dislike of people who partake in abstinence of any kind. It is a trait that perhaps makes ministers of the church so distasteful to them. There have over the years been numerous accounts of priests falling victim to these creatures. One in particular was a Catholic priest who found the creature’s face glaring back at him from windows within his home. He was finally driven from the building when the creature chose to take on his own appearance.
The little goblins seem to take a particular offence to those who abstain from the consumption of alcohol with numerous customers suffering kicked bar stools and objects thrown at them in bars whilst consuming non-alcoholic beverages. This suggests then, that perhaps the Bwbachod enjoys somewhat more frivolity than is strictly healthy for others.
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LH Davies
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