Ashley Darkwood

ASHLEY DARKWOOD says: "I am from South Buckinghamshire. Born into a Spiritualist family, some of my earliest memories are of attending the Spiritualist Church in High Wycombe. Tasked by the church to help a young boy having disturbing visions, my first paranormal investigation was at the age of 16. After spending many years working for the NHS and Social Services, I eventually became a stunt performer and actor. I have conducted thorough research of hundreds of paranormal cases and continue to investigate private cases. I have supplied paranormal research to a number of documentaries as well as appearing on TV and Radio."


Hunting Ghosts with Gatiss and Coles BBC RADIO 4 REVIEW

Hunting Ghosts with Gatiss and Coles
Hunting Ghosts with Gatiss and Coles is a celebration of all things spooky, from ficitonal ghost tales to the real thing, writes CHRIS NEWTON

Vampires and Zombies, Walter Map’s Monsterous Herefordshire

Medieval Monsters
JON KANEKO-JAMES uncovers the grotesque monsters of Walter Map's medieval Britain

Phantom monks haunt St Dunstan’s Church, East Acton

Ghosts of executed monks haunt the grounds of St Dunstan's Church in East Acton, says PATSY SORENTI

Winston Churchill WW2 UFO coverup exposed!

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7 Strangest Ireland UFO Sightings

Ireland UFO
ANN MASSEY looks to the Irish skies for the 7 strangest Ireland UFO accounts of the past 70 years
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