Steve Parsons, Ghosthunter VIDEO INTERVIEW


Ghosthunter Steve Parsons talks to Spooky Isles about paranormal investigation and other things that go bump in the dark!

Steve Parsons can never remember when he wasn’t interested in ghosts.

Even as a child, he was always eager for his parents to take him to a haunted house to grab a glimpse of a spooky shadow or phantom.

So it’s little wonder he’s become one of Britain’s leaders in the paranormal field, equally comfortable on private ghosthunts as he is on television shows like Most Haunted, or producing reports for the esteemed Society of Psychical Research (SPR).

The Pembrokeshire-based “ghosthunter” – a term he wears with pride – discusses his views on paranormal research, the state of haunted reailty television and his own creepy experiences with the other side.

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