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Camberwell is a district in South London, England, within the London Borough of Southwark.

Haunted Camberwell, a journey into South London

Haunted Camberwell
Haunted Camberwell is Eddie Brazil's latest paranormal book exploring local ghosts and hauntings, says DAVID SAUNDERSON

Haunted Camberwell’s Top 5 Creepiest Ghost Stories

St Giles Church in Camberwell.
EDDIE BRAZIL looks in to the ghosts of Camberwell in South London and finds spooks of a most tragic kind...

Murdered Camberwell Dwarf Sex Attacker Ghost Haunts London Suburb

Camberwell Dwarf haunts
EDDIE BRAZIL reports the creepy story of a murdered child sex fiend, known as The Camberwell Dwarf, who still haunts the London suburb to this day...

Was Camberwell bus stop haunting a Christmas Angel?

EDDIE BRAZIL tells spooky tale of a man who encounters ghostly woman at a Camberwell bus stop on Christmas Eve 1963

Phantom ‘Smiling’ Highwayman shocks Camberwell residents

EDDIE BRAZIL reports of an eerie 1999 paranormal case of a smiling phantom highwayman in Camberwell, London

Camberwell’s machete-wielding, pram-pushing ghost

EDDIE BRAZIL recounts the tale of Old Charlie, the vagrant ghost of Camberwell in South London


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What is a Selkie or Seal Bride?

AMY VAN DE CASTEELE reveals that not all Scottish fairiers are landlubbers...

Herne the Hunter: The Spirit of Windsor Forest

If you see Herne the Hunter coming, turn the other way and run, says CALLUM CAMPBELL

The Stalls of Barchester 1971 REVIEW

Robert Hardy as Dr Haynes in The Stalls of Barchester
The Stalls of Barchester first screened on the BBC on 24 December 1971 - 50 years ago tonight. RICHARD MARKWORTH takes a look back...

Haunted London’s 27 spookiest ghost sightings to visit

Haunted London
Are you brave enough to visit Haunted London’s most terrifyingly places? Here we list the capital's scariest haunts.