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Forty Hall in Enfield, North London

Forty Hall, Enfield’s most haunted mansion

JAY HOLLIS describes the haunting of Forty Hall in Enfield, North London - a place he grew up near and which still sends shivers up his spine!
Guy Lyon Playfair

Was the Enfield Poltergeist mother the focus of the haunting?

Guest writer RICK HALE looks for a new angle to explain the notorious Enfield Poltergeist case
Haunted Trent Park Ghosts

The Grey Lady and Trent Park where the walls had ears

JAY HOLLIS tells why Enfield's ghostly Trent Park needs to be saved from development
Do ghosts exist

Do Ghosts Exist? Five hauntings that may prove they do!

EDDIE BRAZIL ponders the question: Do Ghosts Exist?
enfield haunting

The Enfield Haunting TV REVIEW

Experienced paranormal investigator GIANNA DE SALVO gives her verdict on The Enfield Haunting, now showing on Sky TV
Enfield Poltergiest

The Enfield Haunting can’t be explained, says Ghost Club chairman

ALAN MURDIE examines The Enfield Haunting from the perspective of The Ghost Club, whose members Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair were central to the case

England’s scariest poltergeist hauntings

Here are some of England's most celebrated poltergeist cases, from guest writer GIANNA DE SALVO
Enfield Poltergeist Children

Origins of the Enfield Poltergeist

SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS looks back on London's most talked-about ghost cases of the 1970s - the Enfield Poltergeist!
Ghosts of Berkeley Square 1947

I’m Just A Soul Whose Intentions Are Good

JAY HOLLIS wants to make his views on the paranormal very clear

Enfield: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

JASON HOLLIS, author of Haunted Enfield, picks his top five haunted places to visit in the London suburb
Haunted Enfield ghosts

More to Haunted Enfield than the Poltergeist

JASON HOLLIS says many ghosts in Haunted Enfield deserve attention, not just its famous poltergeist
Enfield Poltergeist Children

Why I Believe in the Enfield Poltergeist

Author JASON HOLLIS explains why he believes the legendary Enfield Poltergeist is real
Guy Lyon Playfair

Guy Lyon Playfair talks on Enfield Poltergeist

GUY LYON PLAYFAIR investigated The Enfield Poltergeist first-hand in the 1970s. He takes a look back at the spectacular case for The Spooky Isles.

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