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Kildare is a county located in the province of Leinster, known for its rich history, horse racing, beautiful landscapes, and tales of ghostly apparitions and supernatural beings.

Kildare articles on Spooky Isles


5 Crystals for Love and Relationships: Find Your Soulmate and Enhance Your Connections

Love Crystals
Looking for a little extra love in your life? Look no further than these powerful crystals for love...

Middlesex’s haunted heaths and woods along River Crane

PATSY SORENTI takes us on a tour along the Haunted River Crane with its ghostly highwaymen and other restless spirits

Britain’s Haunted First Responders

Here's five haunted police stations, hospitals and first stations that even give our brave first responders the shivers, says RICK HALE

Crystal Energy: How To Harness The Power

Guest writer KERRY GREENAWAY begins her series on the connection between crystals and the paranormal by looking at harnessing Crystal Energy...

Marylebone’s 13 Creepiest (and Cheesiest) Hauntings

The Volunteer, Haunted London Pub
Marylebone is one of central London's most desirable and most haunted neighbourhoods. Here are some of its weird and wonderful hauntings...
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