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Moray is a local government area in Scotland.


Tarry-Dan Tarry-Dan Scarey Old Spooky Man 1978 TV REVIEW

Paul Currean in the title role, Tarry-Dan Tarry-Dan Scarey Old Spooky Man 1978
Tarry-Dan Tarry-Dan Scarey Old Spooky Man 1978 is a less-remembered BBC ghostly piece of British folk horror but it's worth seeking out, says RICHARD MARKWORTH

Premature Burials in England

Premature Burials in England
STEPHEN JACOBS looks into premature burials in England with tales of victims who lived to tale their terrifying tale!

7 Top Jack the Ripper Songs

Screaming Lord Sutch Jack the Ripper
Musicians have long immortalized dark legacy of London's Whitechapel Murders. ANN MASSEY explores her favourite Jack the Ripper songs...

The Disappearance of Owen Parfitt

Owen Parfitt was from Shepton Mallet
The disappearance of Owen Parfitt from Shepton Mallet, a rural town in Somerset, has been a mystery for over 200 years old, says L.H. DAVIES

Byzantium 2012 REVIEW

Byzantium 2012 scene
Byzantium 2012 sees Neil Jordan make a return to horror. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES is pleased to hear it...
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