Poltergeists Terrorise Armley Mills, Leeds


Armley Mills Industrial Museum, a building so haunted, it’s been called the ‘Satanic mills of Armley’, says RICK HALE

Strange things have been experienced at the Armley Mills Industrial Museum in Leeds
Strange things have been experienced at the Armley Mills Industrial Museum in Leeds

Armley Mills Industrial Museum

Armley Park Road, Leeds LS12 2QF

Very few haunted locations that are open to the public have a history as dark as, Armley Mills Industrial Museum.

This museum is home to so many disturbing Supernatural residents, local ghost hunters have dubbed it, ‘The Satanic mills of Armley.’

History Of Armley Mills

The eerie-looking building that houses the industrial museum was built in the 16th century.

It wasn’t until 1788, that the building was used as a wool mill. At the time it was considered the largest mill in western Europe.

Tragedy struck in 1805, when a quickly moving fire broke out, not only destroying the building, but killing several employees who were trapped in the inferno.

Undaunted by the nightmarish tragedy, mill owner, Benjamin Gott, ordered the mill to be rebuilt with fireproof materials.

The brick and iron building Gott built, is the mill we see today.

With the cotton boom in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Armley hired children as young as 6 years old to operate the machinery.

These young children were often mistreated and abused. And many died from horrific accidents.

The mill closed in 1969, putting hundreds out of work.

In 1982, the Leeds council reopened the building as the Leeds Industrial Museum. It was then the hauntings in the building became apparent.

The Hauntings Of Armley Mills

Considering the high volume of tragic accidents that occurred at the mill throughout its history, it’s no surprised that Armley Mills is haunted.

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Most people who tour the building walk away with stories of encountering supernatural entities.

Local ghost hunters who have investigated the building consider it to be the most haunted building in Yorkshire. Perhaps, even the whole of England.

The Man In The Top Hat

The most commonly reported ghost in the museum, is the phantom of a gentleman in a top hat and cape.

He has been seen throughout the building, but mostly stands in the shadows watching people as they take the tour.

Female visitors have claimed to hear the voice of a man whispering unintelligible words in their ears.

It’s believed this voice comes from the man in the top hat.

The Woman In Black

The apparition of a distraught Victorian era woman in a black dress has been seen by visitors to the museum.

She has been known to walk up to people begging them to tell her where her child is.

When people tell her they don’t know, she begins sobbing and vanishes as she walks away.

It’s believed she is searching for her child who was killed in an accident. And will not rest until she finds him.

The Crying Child

Visitors to the museum have reported the peculiar feeling of someone small tugging at their pant legs.

Usually when they look down no one is there. However, some have reported the sad spectre of a crying child tugging their pants.

It’s possible this poor little boy was one of the victims of an industrial accident. Maybe, he’s the boy the woman in black is searching for.

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Poltergeist Activity

Staff at the museum have reported the sound of doors violently slamming when no one is present.

They further report some unseen force throwing bobbins and other objects at them as they walk through.

This activity is blamed on a poltergeist that delights in causing trouble in the museum.

The Grade II listed Armley Mills Industrial Museum in Leeds, Yorkshire is open for tours that focus on the industrial history of the former mill.

Nevertheless, if you have an interest in the paranormal activity of the building, the museum allows ghost hunters to investigate the premises.

Several have come away with impressive evidence of the ghosts who inhabit the building. Armley Mills Industrial Museum is not for the faint of heart.

Tell us in the comments section if you have experienced any paranormal activity in the Armley Mills Industrial Museum!

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