David Barrett

David Barrett has been a Scottish Paranormal Investigator for almost 20 years. He has investigated all over Scotland and England, as well as Leap Castle in Ireland and Bran Castle in Romania. Although he can’t hear or see spirits, he uses Instrumental Trans-Communication devices to attempt to communicate with spirits. He is part of a team with his good friend Ian Ainsley, a Demonologist from Birmingham.


Suicides and Burials: Sacrilege in Days Gone By

DEBORAH CONTESSA debunks the common misconception that murderers and people who had committed suicide could never buried in consecrated ground...

The Mystery of Ireland’s Sheela Na Gig

Sheila O'Keefe and her Sheela na Gig
Guest writer SHEILA O'KEEFE explains the significance of the Sheela na Gig and how one came to live in her Irish castle!

County Wexford: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Duncannon Fort in County Wexford
PAUL MOYNIHAN picks his top five haunted places to visit in Wexford, Ireland

Exploring The Devil Rides Out Film Versus Book

CHRIS NEWTON delves into the differences between the book and film versions of The Devil Rides Out, highlighting changes to characters and plot, and discussing Dennis Wheatley's influence on British horror.

Ashley Darkwood Interview: Ghosts, Demons and Multiverses

Ashley Darkwood at the Royal Standard in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
Ashley Darkwood is the founder of Darkwood Productions and High Wycombe Paranormal. He talks to JOHN AMBROSE MARTIN about his work as a medium, tour guide and paranormal investigator.
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