Unveiling Britain’s 10 Wedding Customs and Superstitions Secrets

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From warding off evil spirits to predicting the couple’s future, here are 10 spooky British wedding customs.

Queen Victoria's wedding to Prince Albert

Secrets of British Wedding Customs

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

This popular saying is often used by brides to ensure good luck on their wedding day. The “something old” represents continuity, while the “something new” symbolizes hope for the future. The “something borrowed” should come from a happily married couple to transfer their luck, and “something blue” represents fidelity and loyalty.

Knock on Wood

Many people believe that touching wood can bring good luck, and this superstition is also applied to marriage. Knocking on wood after mentioning the wedding date or saying something positive about the upcoming marriage is thought to protect it from evil spirits and bad luck.

The Wedding Veil

The veil is a traditional accessory worn by brides during the wedding ceremony. In some parts of the UK, the bride’s face is covered with the veil until the end of the ceremony to prevent the groom from seeing her before they exchange their vows. This custom is thought to protect the bride from evil spirits who may try to harm her.

The Flower Girls

Having young flower girls at the wedding is thought to bring good luck and fertility to the couple. The girls scatter flower petals along the bride’s path to ward off evil spirits and bless the union with fertility.

The Wedding Cake

Cutting the wedding cake is a tradition that has been around for centuries. In Britain, it’s customary to save a piece of the cake to give to unmarried friends to eat. It’s believed that eating this piece of cake will bring them good luck in finding their own partner.

Throwing the Bouquet

At the end of the wedding reception, the bride throws her bouquet to a group of unmarried women. The woman who catches the bouquet is thought to be the next one to get married.


This ancient Celtic tradition involves binding the couple’s hands together with a ribbon or cord. It’s thought to symbolize their union and to ward off evil spirits. The handfasting ceremony is still popular in Scotland and Wales today.

Jumping the Broom

Jumping the broom is an African-American wedding tradition that has been adopted in some parts of the UK. The couple jumps over a broomstick to symbolize their new life together and to sweep away any negative energy or bad luck.


Horseshoes are thought to be lucky, and many people believe that hanging one over the entrance to the wedding venue or tying one to the bride’s bouquet will bring good luck to the couple.

The Wedding Night

Some people believe that leaving a window open on the wedding night will allow evil spirits to escape and protect the couple’s marriage. In some parts of the UK, it’s also thought that placing a piece of silverware under the bed will ensure wealth and prosperity for the newlyweds.

Have you heard of any other wedding customs from the UK or other countries that are just as intriguing? Tell us in the comment area below!


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