Ghosts, spectres, phantoms, wraiths. If they’re spooky in UK or Ireland, we’ve got them covered!

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester’s 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Winchester in southern England is rich with historic treasures. Guest writer MONA HERB BOUGHTON takes us on a spooky tour of the ancient city’s most haunted places to visit.
Bruce Castle

Bruce Castle Park, Tottenham’s haunted mansion

Bruce Castle in Tottenham, North London, has been haunted by a ghostly lady with a dark secret for hundreds of years...
Hertford Castle is a highlight of any ghost tour in the town...

Haunted Hertford Ghost Walk

JAY HOLLIS went on a Hertford Ghost Walk for Halloween and was overwelmed by the sheer numbers of ghosts in the English town!
The Hole in the Wall pub in York

7 Most Haunted York Pubs To Visit

York Pubs are known as some of the most haunted inns in England. Little wonder considering York itself is an ancient, medieval city. Here are seven of York's most haunted pubs for you to visit and enjoy a spirit or two...
Haunted Harrow

Haunted Harrow: A Creepy Paranormal Guide

Harrow is full of creepy haunts. Guest writer “Gloomy Sundae” takes us on a ghost tour of the North West London borough to discover its supernatural side.
Curse of the Highgate Vampire

Della Farrant reviews The Curse of The Highgate Vampire

Della Farrant, the widow of legendary British occultist David Farrant, reviews The Curse of The Highgate Vampire, exclusively for the Spooky Isles
Muncaster Castle

Muncaster Castle, a haunted fortress of terror

Muncaster Castle has a long and dark history. No wonder paranormal researchers have long been fascinated by the ghosts and hauntings of this Cumbria castle...
Stratton farm ghost

The Spirits Of Stratton Farm, Inverness

Psychic medium ANGELA MACKENZIE recalls her time living in an old, sprawling mansion in Inverness, complete with a spirit or two keen to make themselves known...

Ley Lines in the British Isles: A Guide

Ley lines are mystical energy highways that stretch across the planet. They've long been a subject of debate. We take a look...
Wycoller Hall

Wycoller Hall’s Ghosts and Legends

Guest writer PETER CRAWLEY says spirits still roam Wycoller Hall, one of Lancashire's many haunted mansions
The Green Inn, Llangedwyn

The Ghost Girl of Llangedwyn’s Green Inn

ANDREW HOMER reveals a haunting of The Green Inn, Llangedwyn, and his own search for the horrors linked to the Shropshire inn...
Ghosts of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Paul Lee

The Ghosts of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk AUTHOR INTERVIEW

Paranormal researcher Dr Paul Lee discusses his new book The Ghosts of King Lynn and West Norfolk with DAVID SAUNDERSON

The Original King’s Lynn Ghost Tour INTERVIEW

The Original King’s Lynn Ghost Tour is the latest spooky attraction in a very haunted West Norfolk town. DAVID SAUNDERSON talks to tour guide Nicky Proctor about the ghostly streets of King’s Lynn...
Anthony Kerrigan

Anthony Kerrigan, Ghost Éire INTERVIEW

Anthony Kerrigan is a paranormal investigator with Ghost Éire. ANN MASSEY finds out what make him tick!
Rosemary Widdy Fahy, from Puca Paranormal

Rosemary Widdy Fahy, Puca Paranormal INTERVIEW

Rosemary Widdy Fahy is the face behind Púca Paranormal. She talks to ANN MASSEY about her spooky adventures around Ireland.
MJ Dickson

MJ Dickson talks In Search of the Paranormal

ANN MASSEY talks to MJ Dickson about her online TV show In Search of the Paranormal
In Search of the Paranormal

In Search of the Paranormal TV REVIEW

ANN MASSEY gives us an overview of the latest paranormal web series, In Search of the Paranormal and reviews Season 2, The Skirrid Inn.
The Battle of Naseby

Battle of Naseby ghosts still haunt fields

Guest writer CLAIRE DAVY explores the paranormal afterlife of those who fought at the Battle of Naseby in Northamptonshire, nearly 400 years ago during...
St Magnus the Martyr Church in the City of London

8 Haunted English Churches you must visit

EDDIE BRAZIL dons his cassock, and with bell, book and candle, plus a couple of wooden stakes, goes in search of haunted English churches
Lily Allen in Danny Robin's 2:22 A Ghost Story

2:22 A Ghost Story PLAY REVIEW

JASON D. BRAWN says 2:22 A Ghost Story is the most chilling play he's seen since The Woman in Black. Here's his review of the Danny Robins' penned play.
Flaherty Sisters

Blackpool’s Horrible Flaherty Sisters and Their Trail of Blood!

Behave yourself or the Flaherty sisters will get you, says guest writer DEBORAH CONTESSA, of a gruesome tale from Blackpool's dark history!
Warstone Lane Cemetery

Warstone Lane Cemetery’s Unquiet Inhabitants

CHRISTINE MILLER looks at the strange stories attached to Warstone Lane Cemetety, a unique Victorian cemetery in Birmingham
Ballyseede Castle

10 Haunted Irish Castles You Can Actually Stay In!

ANN MASSEY tells us the Top 10 Haunted Irish Castles you can stay in!
Hill House Helensburgh

The Real Haunting of Hill House, Helensburgh

CHRISTINE MILLER discovers the tale of a haunted house in Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, where a gentleman’s spirit refuses to leave the beloved home that so enamoured him in life.

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St Patrick's Cathedral Dublin

Dublin’s 7 Creepiest Cathedrals and Churches

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