Ghosts, spectres, phantoms, wraiths. If they’re spooky in UK or Ireland, we’ve got them covered!

Culzean Castle

The Ghosts of Culzean Castle, Scotland

MJ STEEL COLLINS uncovers the Ghosts of Culzean Castle in Ayrshire

Haunted Theatre Royal Glasgow

Theatre Royal Glasgow is one of the city's oldest and most haunted entertainment venues, says MJ STEEL COLLINS
Ettington Park Hotel is an elegant and great place to stay, not just for the ghosts!

Ettington Park Hotel, a dash of haunted elegance with your ghosts!

Spirits abound at the Ettington Park Hotel in Warwickshire, says RICK HALE

Conan Doyle and the Mysterious World of Light REVIEW

Conan Doyle and the Mysterious World of Light, by Matt Wingett, tells how Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle came to believe in ghosts. Review by DAVID SAUNDERSON

Why was Arthur Conan Doyle a spiritualist?

MATT WINGETT explores the Spiritualist beliefs of Arthur Conan Doyle, relating the extraordinary account of his encounter with his deceased son, Kingsley.

Staffordshire’s Spookiest Ghost Sightings of the Victorian Times

Staffordshire-based ANDREW GARVEY picks some of his county's spookiest ghost tales from the Victorian era
Most Haunted - Mary King's Close

Coronation Street (With Simon Gregson and Sue Cleaver), Most Haunted REVIEW

BRIAN LANGSTON takes his first look at Most Haunted with the 97th episode, Coronation Street (With Simon Gregson & Sue Cleaver)

5 reasons your house probably isn’t haunted

Here are some common situations that could be mistaken for a haunting, according to RICK HALE
With a reputation for the supernatural, Kinnitty Castle Hotel has featured on TV’s Most Haunted.

Kinnitty Castle Hotel: Ireland’s Druids, Demise and Hauntings

ANN MASSEY O’REGAN explores the chequered past and ghosts of Kinnitty Castle Hotel in Ireland’s most haunted county of Offaly
An old photograph of The Flask in Highgate, one of London's most haunted pubs

The Flask Highgate: A Scary Ghost Guide

The Flask Highgate is one of London's oldest and most haunted pubs. RICK HALE takes us there...

Ghostly Emily and her haunted doll

KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS attends a séance in Somerset and discovers things that go bump in the night are creepy...

Haunted Stevenage BOOK REVIEW

SARAH BLAIR-DICKINSON reviews Paul Adam's latest supernatural guide, Haunted Stevenage

Suicide House of 16 Montpelier Road, London

MB FORDE, author of Eerie Britain, reveals the spooky and sad past of now-demolished 16 Montpelier Road in Ealing, London
Malahide Castle in Dublin

Malahide Castle: Five go ghost hunting in haunted Dublin

ANN MASSEY and Irish Paranormal Team investigate the ghosts of Dublin's haunted Malahide Castle
Cold Christmas Lane

Cold Christmas, Hertfordshire’s saddest haunted church

Cold Christmas' derelict old church in rural Hertfordshire is surrounded by dark tales of ghosts and nasty goings on, says ANDY CHAPLIN

Newcastle Upon Tyne: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

LEE D. MUNRO explores some of the most spooky hauntings in the North East city of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Haunted Airfields

Six Haunted Airfields in England

Guest Writer STEVIE MILLER uncovers some of the most incredible paranormal sightings attached to some of England’s airfields.
Jason Hawes TAPS

Jason Hawes talks Irish hauntings and paranormal reality TV

Ghost Hunters' TV star Jason Hawes tells Spooky Isles's ANN MASSEY about his time in Ireland and bringing paranormal research to television
Headless ghost

8 Most Terrifying Ireland Headless Ghosts

ANN MASSEY tells us of Ireland’s most frightening headless ghosts
Zozo demon, demon zozo

Zozo Demon: How to avoid Ouija board evil forces

CHRIS RUSH looks at Ouija boards and how to protect yourself from the ZoZo Demon

Hull: Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Historian MIKE COVELL gives us his five haunted places to visit in Hull

Who are the Black Eyed Children?

NIA JONES tells us about the frightening and debated urban myth concerning the black eyed children

Talking Edinburgh Poltergeists with Jan-Andrew Henderson

MJ STEEL COLLINS interviews Edinburgh supernatural writer Jan-Andrew Henderson
Haunted Camberwell

Haunted Camberwell, a journey into South London

Haunted Camberwell is Eddie Brazil's latest paranormal book exploring local ghosts and hauntings, says DAVID SAUNDERSON

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