Ghosts, spectres, phantoms, wraiths. If they’re spooky in UK or Ireland, we’ve got them covered!

Can cats see ghosts

Felines and phantoms: Can Cats see Ghosts?

CLAIRE BARRAND asks the big question – can cats see ghosts?
cheap ghost hunting tips

6 cheap and easy Ghost Hunting Techniques that won’t break the bank

You don’t need money to hunt ghosts. Try these fun ways of detecting whether your home is haunted, as used by RICK HALE
National Justice Museum

Nottingham’s National Justice Museum, a perfect setting for a ghost hunt

DARREN SARSFIELD reveals the strange forces going on during a paranormal investigation at Nottingham Justice Museum
Haunted Stevenage

Stevenage: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Stevenage author PAUL ADAMS picks five of the most spooky places in the Hertfordshire town to visit
Haunted Cardiff

10 Ghosts that Haunt Cardiff Castle

CLAIRE BARRAND lists 10 of the ghosts that call haunted Cardiff Castle home

5 Scottish Green Lady Ghost Stories (and one from Wales)

Green Ladies are a curious phenomenon, writes MJ STEEL COLLINS
Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle, a heritage of ghosts and hauntings

Arundel Castle in West Sussex, like many English castles, is filled with tales of phantoms and things that go bump in the night, says RICK HALE
Most Haunted - Mary King's Close

Woodchester Mansion: Most Haunted REVIEW

Woodchester Mansion is a 'must visit' place for fans of the paranormal. ANDREW HOMER takes a look back at Most Haunted: Woodchester Mansion
HMP Gloucester, like many prisons, was full of emotion and therefore still retains the anguish in the form of the paranormal

Gloucester Prison’s violent past dishes up the ghouls

HMP Gloucester Prison has tonnes of ghosts! Are you brave enough to stay a night in the haunted gaol? RICK HALE reports...

Ghostland: In Search of a Haunted Country BOOK REVIEW

SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS reviews Ghostland: In search of a Haunted Country by Edward Parnell
Ouija Board

7 times Ouija Board experiences went bad

Guest writer HERMAN DAVIS discovers that Ouija boards - tools for talking to the dead - aren't for the faint hearted...
linlithgow palace

Scottish royal phantoms and spectres still haunt Linlithgow Palace’s ghostly passages

RYAN O'NEILL investigates the royal hauntings of Linlithgow Palace in West Lothian, Scotland, including Mary Queen of Scots

Ghost Hunting with Richard III

MJ WAYLAND tells us what confirmation of King Richard III's bones in Leicester car park means for ghost hunting in the East Midlands city
Daniel Dunglas Home

Daniel Dunglas Home, the world-famous Scottish Seer

Daniel Dunglas Home was one of the world's most famous psychic mediums of his day, RICK HALE reports

How Hypnosis Helped Me to See a Ghost

MATT WINGETT tells how he used hypnosis and visions of long-dead WW2 servicemen to inspire his latest ghost novel.
Scottish Ghosthunting

My 5 Top Scottish Ghosthunting Spots

DAVID BARRETT shares his top five locations to visit in search of ghostly activity in Scotland
Bell-Hotel in Winslow

Winslow’s Bell Hotel Ghost Doesn’t Know She’s Dead

The haunted Bell Hotel in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, has long been the focus on paranormal investigations, says RICK HALE

Is this the spookiest Haunted London pub crawl?

London has loads of haunted taverns to visit but these three central taverns would prove to be the best London haunted pub crawl, says RICK HALE

The Night Reg Presley told me about Crop Circles and Alien Moonshine

DARREN CHADWICK-HUSSEIN on the night he learned first-hand about Troggs frontman Reg Presley's passion for Crop Circles
A phantom monk is said to haunt the rooms of the Brocket Arms in Welwyn.

Brocket Arms, a perfect place to experience the paranormal

Anyone staying at the Brocket Arms in Herfortshire should be prepared for a paranormal experience, says RICK HALE
50 Berkeley Square has a reputation of being the most haunted house in London.

Is 50 Berkeley Square, London’s most haunted house?

50 Berkeley Square, known since the early 1900s as 'The Most Haunted House in London', says GAVINPAUL FOX MARRINER
Zozo demon, demon zozo

Zozo Demon: How to avoid Ouija board evil forces

CHRIS RUSH looks at Ouija boards and how to protect yourself from the ZoZo Demon

Shrewsbury: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Shrewsbury is an ancient, medieval town with a spooky, haunted feel. Here are 5 of its most haunted places to visit.
Most Haunted - Mary King's Close

Queen Mary Part 1, Most Haunted REVIEW

MJ STEEL COLLINS takes a look back at Most Haunted: Queen Mary Part One

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St Patrick's Cathedral Dublin

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