We’re found an article from the Chelmsford Chronicle, dated Friday 12 Octoher 1883, called “Capture of a ‘Ghost’ at Colchester“.
“Residents in the vicinity of Serpentine-walk, North-street, Colchester, have been considerably exercised lately by alleged supernatural appearances at uncertain intervals.
Saturday night, at the ghostly hour of 11.30, as a man named George Pike, in the employ of the Great Eastern Railway Company, was going home along Serpentine-walk, which has come to have the reputation of being haunted, he lighted upon the presumed visitant from the nether world, in the form of female, clad a white nightcap, and wrapt as a bleached shroud.
The face presented the appearance of having been artificially whitened, and altogether the aspect of the figure was calculated scare a body-snatcher, had risen before the astonished eyes of one of those individuals who flourished half a century.
The man Pike, on seeing it, exclaimed, “This is the ghost, isn’t it.” No reply was vouchsafed, but the figure beat a rapid retreat down the walk, and its interrogator had the temerity to follow.
Opposite Mr. Strowlger’s house caught her, and to prove her tangibility, gave her a good shaking.
The ghost thereupon found voice, and begged her captor to let her go. demanded her name, which was given, and in reply question to her reason tor resorting to antiquated practice, she said her husband was “going wrong,” and she was then looking out for him to frighten him.
She was finally allowed to depart on promising never to repeat the experiment, so probably no more will be heard of the North-street ghost.”
That’s from over 130 years ago – we wonder if that kind of behaviour happens in Chelmsford anymore? Tell us what you think in the comments below!


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