Chelmsford: Top 5 Haunted Places To Visit

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Chelmsford is one of the biggest and most haunted places in Essex. TRACY MONGER picks five haunted places you should visit in Chelmsford if you are interested in the paranormal.

Chelmsford Postcard

Hylands House, Chelmsford

Hylands House, Chelmsford

Hyland House staff have witnessed a few unexplained encounters. 

A man has been seen wearing a Victorian long coat, top hat, while carrying a set of keys on the landing of the first floor. 

A voice in the cellar has said get out. 

An angry young man has been reported in the library, he does not like strangers in the house. 

In the drawing room, when the piano is being played, a young girl appears.

People feel like they are being watched and feel uncomfortable. 

In the basement, cooks have been seen and a lady, in what was the toilets.
Hylands House was built in 1730 and since it has had nine different owners. 

During World War I, the house was used as a military hospital. 

The house was used by the SAS as their headquarters during World War II and the estate was a German prisoner of war camp. 

The house was left to ruin in 1962 for twenty years and then restored by the council.

Civic Theatre, Chelmsford

Civic Theatre, Chelmsford

The Civic Theatre is haunted all year by a technician. 

When he is seen in December, it is in the form of a white butterfly and an ex-stage manager has confirmed this. 

Visitors would be guided around by a helpful man, when asked whom he was the answer is a ghost. 

The feeling of being watched and of someone standing behind you has been felt.  Footsteps have been heard on the stage.  

In the area of the Balcony and the stairs leading to FOH office, people feel uncomfortable.

Essex Regimental Museum, Oaklands Park, Chelmsford

Essex Regimental Museum, Oaklands Park, Chelmsford

Essex Regiment Museum has recent activity in 2013. 

In the early hours of the morning, the slamming of door were heard and the laughter of a child.

Parching Hall Lane, Chelmsford

Parching Hall Lane’s ghost has made three teenagers run off. 

The ghost was described as a tall man, wearing a cloak and top hat. 

When they looked back, they saw the figure vanish.

Spotted Dog Inn, 24 Tindal Street, Chelmsford

At the Spotted Dog Inn in Tindal Street, a guest was murdered in his sleep and his ghost would keep anyone awake who tried to sleep. 

The room he was murdered was sealed due to the haunting tapping. 

The Inn was demolished and a shopping centre was built in its place. 

Some people believe the entity that throws boxes around in the shopping centre is the same entity as the one in in the Inn.

Tindal Square Chelmsford Postcard

A tragic accident on the 22 October 1804 happened at the Inn. 

A troop of Hanoverian soldiers was woken at night, due to the stables being on fire. 

The doors were closed but they were unaware of how to open the latch. 

Some were rescued, but 13 troops died, they were given a military funeral and their deaths were classed as accidental death.

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