A prudish spinster had a life-changing experience after being attacked by the Hell Fire Caves’ randy ghosts, EDDIE BRAZIL reports

In the early 1980s, a lady friend of the Dashwood family was visiting West Wycombe Park in Oxfordshire, and asked if she could see the infamous Hell Fire Caves.

The 60-year-old spinster was so keen to see where Sir Francis Dashwood – the originator of the Hell Fire Caves – and his cronies had enjoyed their drunken orgies.


She had been told of the ghosts and phantoms which were said to wander the passageways of the labyrinth.

She dismissed this obvious attempt to dissuade her from entering the caves and brushed it aside with a laugh. She added that she would walk the darkened passages alone armed only with a torch. She was, by all accounts, a fiery woman not given to flights of fancy.

She had remained unmarried and had always eschewed the company and pleasure of many male admirers. In fact, it seemed she was something of a prude.

Hell Fire Caves and deprave sexual practices

As the lady proceed in to the caves she soon reached what is known as the banqueting hall; a vast cavern carved out of the chalk and used by the members of the Hell Fire Club for their drunken dinners.

It was also the place where the members practised their “devotions” with their female companions.

As the fearless spinster looked about her she had a most, and one might say, life-changing experience.

In the shadowy dark, and without warning, she says she had the unmistakable sensation of countless invisible hands touching, caressing and fondling her body in a most amorous and sensual fashion.

From head to foot the unseen hands explored her plump, curvy figure, probing in places which the good lady had never before been prodded.

Terrified, she at once fled shrieking from the chamber and back to the exit.

The Hell Fire Caves in West Wycombe
The Hell Fire Caves in West Wycombe

Never again would she venture in to such an evil, immoral and Godless place.

However, some years later, it became known to the Dashwoods that following the spinster’s frightening, but sensual, encounter in the caves, a change had come over her.

Whether it was the randy attentions of the ghost of Sir Francis Dashwood, or the drunken lecherous groping of his phantom disciples, we will never know

But totally out of character, the spinster decided to thrust off her prudish shackles and disdain for the pleasures of the flesh, and began to court the friendship and pleasure of male companions.

Three score years of celibacy were abandoned as a dormant sexual awakening burst in to life and she became a raving nymphomaniac.


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