Sexy Screams Attract Buckinghamshire Poltergeist


EDDIE BRAZIL reveals a strange 1990s poltergeist case linked to a woman’s love-making in Buckinghamshire

Sexy Screams Attract Buckinghamshire Poltergeist 1

The actions of a poltergeist are probably the most common-reported paranormal phenomena of the modern era.

It is reckoned that within a 10-mile radius of where you are reading this some form of poltergeist activity is, or has taken place.

The noisy or banging ghost is probably the one aspect of psychic phenomena, which scientists and parapsychologists are prepared to put on the table for discussion. This is simply because they view the poltergeist as neither ghost or supernatural entity, but rather the unconscious manifestation of a persons mind; usually a disturbed or sexually frustrated female.

In 1996 Mary Windsor (not her real name) was a 52-year-old single woman, living alone in a comfortable flat in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. Her plain looks and plump appearance, together with a shy demeanour, had left her without many male friends or admirers.

It was a situation which did not bother her unduly or play on her mind. She knew her worth as a person, and accepted that the right companion would one day show up.

She nonetheless, like most of us, desired the pleasure of sexual contact. At night, alone in her bed, this need would become a frustrating yearning. The longing was relieved by her own intimate means.

On one frustrating, lonely night her arousal became so intense that she thought her neighbour was complaining about the yelps and cries emanating from her mouth. Yet it was more than Mary’s climatic moans, for from the walls came the sound of thuds and bangs.

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At once Mary stopped her pleasure to listen up. Yet, almost simultaneously so did the sounds of the banging.. She obviously assumed that her silence had the desired effect and her neighbour had stopped complaining.

Poltergeist mistaken for Mary’s moans

Over time she became more puzzled when, as she pleased herself, the banging sounds became more and more persistent. Even more alarming was the knowledge that her neighbour was away and his flat was empty. Mary believed that her home was in some way haunted.

In time, she met a man who would become her partner. A plain, introverted person who nevertheless suited her. Despite their mutual reservedness, both were passionate love makers. Yet just as before, when Mary was reaching a climax the banging and thudding would start up. Also objects within the bedroom would jump and fly across the floor.

It now dawned on Mary that it was she herself who was the focus of the strange phenomena. Some peculiar aberration of her mind was causing the disturbances. Fortunately for her , her partner was understanding and comforting. Research by both shed some light on the weird happenings.

A leakage of psychokinetic energy was the nearest they could come to an answer, and even this explanation was just a theory.

The Thornton Heath Poltergeist in London, and the Rosenheim case in Germany were of a similar nature.

Mary eventually married her partner. As the years progressed and the initial flames of passion cooled as both settled in to the mundaneness of married life, the instances of noisy sounds during lovemaking became less and less until they eventually ceased altogether.

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