Guest writer MICHAEL McCANN tells how a ghost hunt at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre rekindled his passion for the paranormal

To say I was obsessed by the paranormal in my younger years would be an understatement. From the age of 11 till I was around 18 years old, I must have read hundreds of books on the subject.

From the UFOs of Bonnyrigg to the Bigfoot in North Western United States, there was no subject that I was not well versed in. Then life happened, new job, new girlfriend, new hobbies, new friends – my obsession with the reported UFO crash in on the Island of Jura in 1996 or the strange case of Sigmund Adamski in the 1980s could not have been further from my mind.

Glasgow's Tron Theatre is a perfect place for a ghost hunt!
Glasgow’s Tron Theatre is a perfect place for a ghost hunt!

It wasn’t long after the death of my mother in 2008 when I rekindled my interest in the paranormal.

I found myself joining a group of intrepid ghost hunters in a well-known Glasgow bar discussing many of Glasgow’s haunted locations, when the subject of an investigation came up.

A member of staff at the famous Glasgow Tron Theatre had contacted the group and asked them to investigate something that was going bump in the night.

I had never taken part in a real paranormal investigation before and I was pensive, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to face down ghosts that weren’t in the pages of the dusty books of my book self at home.

It was the 19th of December 2008 and as the last of the theatregoers filtered out the building, gradually the building began to fall quiet and still.

Our psychic for the evening was a woman called Sadie, a short woman with short blond hair who wore a black bomber leather jacket. She wanted to lead the group in a protection prayer to keep us safe from any evil spirits that may attack us should they take a disliking to our presence.

As sceptical as I was of this practice, I was secretly glad of it. The lights were turned off and it was time for us to begin our investigation.

I sat near the back of the theatre, alone and in the dark I was drawn to the area where the band would sit.

I could sense a presence, I am not a psychic to my knowledge, I barely believe in the ability so I would never claim to “sense” anything, however, the only way I can describe the sensation is that I sensed a presence. “An over active imagination,” I told myself.
I moved from the back of the theatre to the front row facing the stage. After a few moments the snare drum vibrated and with a ping something landed at my feet in the dark. I turned my torch on to search the floor and at my feet lay a small stone.

At 2am, I am on the stage with the group and the psychic. The psychic produces a tape recorder and suggests we try a simple EVP experiment where we ask a question to the ghostly presence that has joined us on stage to see if we can get a response.

I patiently wait my turn and as the tape recorder comes to me there is only one question I want to ask. “Was it you who threw the stone?” and through the dark on that stage in a theatre in Glasgow on a cold December morning, a mans gruff voice cried out “Correct”.

MICHAEL McCANN is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and screenwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. He is also a co-organiser of The Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference and host of the Weirder Things Podcast. 


  1. I went to the Tron to see a play with Sylvester McCoy years ago. The toilets just next to the foyer felt like there was something dark lurking about, as did the corridor. It’s got a dark, dark history in general. I think the Ghost Club investigated at one point, but I could be wrong there.

  2. yes these things always happen when you at least expect it toilets especially are known for this i am from norfolk and we use to goto a night club in norwich where plague vivctme s werer sent the air was always damp and you always wanted to leave quickl judihth briston


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