How to Use Crystal Pendulums to Discover the Paranormal


KERRY GREENWAY continues her series on crystals with a look at the mysterious world of crystal pendulums and how to use them…

Crystal Pendulums

The definition of a pendulum is a weight, in this case a crystal, that hangs from a fixed point, usually a chain or a cord, which is free to swing.

Pendulums come in many shapes and forms and have been used for centuries as a method of communing with spirit, or to help find things that were lost, or minerals and water (being used in a similar way to dowsing rods).

A ring on a thread is just as good as the fancy crystal ones that are available today however, as a lover of all things, crystal I prefer them.

What are crystal pendulums used for?

In spiritual work we use crystal pendulums to help connect to our higher selves and get a form of physical response and they can be used in several ways.

Most people have heard of using a pendulum when trying to predict the sex of a baby, usually by tying a ring to a thread and holding it over the bump, and when it swings one way it’s a ‘yes’ and the other it’s a ‘no’, this is a very old method of divination that can be traced back to the gypsies.

Gypsies also use the pendulum for healing purposes, helping them to pinpoint the area needing attention.
Also to help find the perfect spouse, and even to choose between multiple suitors!

Pendulums are still used in much the same way, right up to the present age.

It is also possible to use crystal pendulums for personal guidance by asking specific questions that can have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, and then judging from the swing the answer.

I use a pendulum for checking energy balances within the energy tools I create, and in crystal grids I construct.

In my time using them, I have found that the pendulum has many subtle variations its swing and movement.
In regards to investigating, I use it to find ‘hotspots’ and also when asking a spirit or spirits questions.

How to choose your crystal pendulum

When choosing your pendulum you should run your hand over the pendulums and see if any engenders any kind of physical response in your hand, such as a warmth or tingling in your palm.

If you’re buying crystal pendulums from the Internet you cannot have that direct connection, however, the correct one will be the one that creates some form of physical response just by viewing it.

This is where you need to be really aware of your own body as the connection will come more subtly, such as a deeper breath or a slight reluctance to move onto the next one.

Alternatively if you have no physical responses then I would suggest you go with a shape, symbol or crystal that resonates with you.

How to use a crystal pendulum

  • Hold the crystal pendulum with a fist length of chain, holding it between your thumb and index finger tips, with the tips of each pointing down.
  • Next you have to determine which direction the pendulum notates as ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.
  • To do this ask a basic question which you already know the answer so you can see which is a ‘Yes’ answer and note which way it swings, then do the same for a ‘No’ answer.
  • Be clear that your questions are a firm Yes and No.
  • If the pendulum hovers and just vibrates then either the question was too vague or ambiguous, or that you’re not to know the answer to it yet!
  • Once you have worked with the pendulum for a while you will start to understand the nuances and fluctuation in the swing, which gives a deeper understanding of the divine meaning of the movements.
  • You can also use the crystal pendulum over a divining board and even out options on a table and ask your questions in a similar way to how a ouija board is set out.
  • The swing of the pendulum will move more towards the letters or questions that are laid out.

So other than just accepting the spiritual belief that spirit is moving the pendulum, let’s have a look at some other explanations as to the theory behind it in a very simple way.

The first is that the crystal pendulum is picking up on the minute energy responses within the body’s natural electromagnetic field, causing the pendulum to swing.

The body’s natural energy field fluctuates and responds to our environment. The body’s energy helps to activate the atoms within the pendulum creating the necessary energy required to cause it to swing.

The second is more in the realms of psychology, linking to the conscious and subconscious.

The theory goes that while the conscious assimilates around 40 pieces of information at a time, whereas the subconscious is capable of assimilating far more within the same ‘timeframe’.

The subconscious can pick up on small seemingly inconsequential details and energy levels that we do not consciously recognise.

This is then translated through our own energy field causing subtle movements within the body, which creates the momentum for the pendulum to swing. The trigger is the questions that are asked consciously but it’s the subconscious that responds.

Whichever method is correct it doesn’t change the fact that the pendulum is a fascinating tool to use in a variety of ways, and is also a lot of fun.

KERRY GREENWAY has a profound interest in Crystals, Minerals and the Paranormal (which started at a young age). After attending spiritual workshops and learning about various forms of divination, this led Kerry to learn Tarot Cards, which she has now been reading for the past twenty years. However, this is not her main focus.

Her passion is Crystals and Minerals and this led her in to starting her own business, Spirit & Soul Island, allowing her to work in both the spiritual and paranormal field. She is well versed in working with Crystal energy and specialises in bringing various crystals together to form the perfect combination for the intention or person.

Kerry’s specialty lies with working with Crystal Grids and has used this experience within the Paranormal field, with a view to help increase activity. This is an area of ongoing experimentation and research. Kerry also makes use of a technique called ‘Crystal Gridding’ which is an ongoing experiment in investigations but most commonly used as a form of intention use.

Find out more about Kerry Greenway here:


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