Craig y Nos, Most Haunted REVIEW

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TRESSA YEOMANS takes a look back at Most Haunted: Craig y Nos

Most Haunted Leap Castle

Episode Title: Craig y Nos
Location: Fforest Fawr, Powys, Wales
Series: 4 Episode Number: 40
Originally broadcast: 2004

Summary: Constructed in 1840 by Captain Rice Davies Powell, the house was originally called Bryn Melin but purchased by famous opera singer Adelina Patti in 1878 and renamed for the Welsh of “Rock of the Night”. After the death of Adelina, the castle was sold and became a sanitarium for patients with TB between 1920-1960.

Review: “After watching Most Haunted at Craig y Nos in Wales, here’s what I thought:

“I thought their history review was informative but a little more history about the castle would have been interesting. There was plenty of information regarding Adelina Patti and the tuberculosis hospital and dates, but not as much about the previous owners and the so called curse.

Craig-y-Nos Castle
Craig y Nos Castle

“Regarding the haunting, most of the focus was on the ghost of Adelina but no full  mention if any of other haunting happenings‎. They had Brian Shepherd completing a sketch, which was like Adelina and Rossini‎ but no fantastic information.

“Then they brought in Derek Acorah‎. I don’t believe all what was given from him. Some of the information could not be found by the team and when people heard noises, or if something was wrong, Acorah jumped straight to a ghost theory, instead of finding if there was a cause.

“Not much investigation happened until Karl and Stuart stepped in and they was very interesting. The rest looked too scared to even move, let alone investigate.

“I think more could have happened in the episode if they did more investigating. Not one of the best episodes, but Richard Felix again comes up trumps with his history research. “

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