Greengate Brewery Most Haunted REVIEW

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BECKY KEANE takes a look back at Most Haunted: The Greengate Brewery

Greengate Brewery Most Haunted

Episode Title: The Greengate Brewery
Location: Middleton, Greater Manchester
Series: 4 Episode: 50 Originally broadcast: 2004

Greengate Brewery Most Haunted

The Greengate brewery set in Middleton  was formed in 1828 when John Lees built the brewery where it is still operational today. The company was renamed J.W. Lees & Co. Brewers, when John Lees’ grandson, John William Lees, took over the company in 1876. The company is still family owned and operated today.

Viewers of Most Haunted have named this episode as one their favourites. Famous for its ale and beer production as well its hauntings.
Yvette commences the show stating that a high level of activity is recent and the crew seem quite eager. Audio, physical and apparition activity is experienced at the brewery.  Several employees tell of their experiences including the brew room manager, who says he witnessed and followed an apparition to find it had disappeared.

In the boardroom it is mentioned that a night security guard was slapped across the face by unseen hands.  I met my husband whilst a security guard (my husband was a manager for the company), who had the contract for the brewery at the time. My husband can confirm that there was indeed several guards including the one slapped who refused to even enter the premises. Grown men have cried over the experiences and eventually the security company had a high turn of guards on site.

Now Yvette claims they cannot trace the guard, but I’m sure if they did a little research they would find the right information and more than likely would of spoke to my husband regarding the incident in question, therefore corroborating his story. The crew notice the atmosphere is different than other locations but appear confident when Derek arrives.
In the sampling cellar Derek tells of a man who died in the well/vat and appears to have injuries. He says the spirit is grounded, he then elaborates that the spirit is a murder victim. Later on implementing two well known names relating to the brewery.

Further on banging off barrels can be heard in quick repetition. Yvette initially disbelieving Phil sets of to investigate. The crew hear another bang and confusion takes hold. There is only the night guard in the building during the investigation and they claim all the crew are accounted for. Personally I would of liked for the camera to take a quick sweep around to show the viewers where everyone is.

In the tank room Derek describes a different energy, and he is drawn to another death. Yvette pushes for a name but once again Derek doesn’t provide one with any connections that research can link to the dates he has given.

A trigger object in a controlled experiment is left in the Board room earlier on fails to move.

In a vigil with Kath and Suzanne they start off with immense fear, which ultimately sends them into near hysterics. Karl suggests to the rest of the crew that they split up. Stuart  with Jon reports a eerie feeling and tells of a constant clicking sound is brewery equipment. Karl and Yvette ask for activity and a barrel clanging sends Yvette in to hysteria, Karl tries to debunk it trying to calm Yvette. She is lead away by Karl and refuses to partake in the investigation.

This is where it gets good. A vigil in the attic David Wells and Derek link in with spirit. David does seem more convincing than Derek (less dramatic maybe.) The crew ask for the spirit to make contact. A cabinet Derek is stood in front of rocks violently. Derek instantly says he was no where near it! I am convinced that if the you slow the episode to frame by frame, Derek ever so slightly moves his right side.

Stuart on a solo vigil witnessed a barrel rolling of its own accord, keeping the camera on his face.

This episode certainly makes good viewing especially when the guards story can be corroborated by my husband. I cant help but feel that the crew by Series 4 should be off face shots and aiming the camera everywhere else to gain more evidence.

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