Guest writer TRESSA YEOMANS says the mystery of Stonehenge is powerful and that the ancient monument raises more questions than will ever be answered.

Stonehenge, the ancient stone monument in Wiltshire, has always had a hold over me. From its history to its many stories of why it was built, one look at the structure and you are mesmerized by its power.
Built in three stages, it is believed that Stonehenge was built as a sacred monument used for meetings and religious purposes. Many stories have been published of why people think it was built and used for.
The construction of the monument is most often incorrectly credited to the Druids – but the Druids appeared several thousand years later in history – Stonehenge was definitely not built by Druids!
Stonehenge has fascinated people for thousands of years. The monument dates back so far that it is shrouded in mystery, and for thousands of years people have speculated over the true purpose of the massive structure.
Speculation has led to many theories surrounding Stonehenge which include the following:

  • The UFO Stonehenge Theories – built and visited by aliens
  • The Computer Theories – it has been suggested that Stonehenge was the equivalent of an ancient computer accurately predicting eclipses and the sunset, sunrise, moon set and moonrise during the solstice periods
  • The Human sacrifice Stonehenge Theories
  • The Stonehenge Builders Theories – that it was built by the Druids or the Phoenicians or the Greeks
  • The Atlantis Stonehenge Theories – that it was built by the people of the lost civilisation of Atlantis
  • The Healing Theories  – that Stonehenge was a source of healing energy
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Everything supernatural has been spotted at this majestic place
The pull Stonehenge has for me is hearing the many UFO stories and ghost stories associated with it. It is hard to ignore that this place is and holds something special.
A carving was discovered during a stone surface testing and a carving of a ‘’alien etching’’ was discovered.
The etching was carbon dated to 4000 year old and was not a stain or overgrowth.
Did aliens visit and show themselves to ancient man to carve their image for future generations to see?
We will never know but so much proof has been offered it is hard to ignore, also crop circle pictures  and UFO videos have been published.
Stonehenge monument was also used as a burial site from its inception around 3,000 BC until well after the massive stones were erected
Could Stonehenge have been built as a gateway to the afterlife?
Many sighting have been reported also picture and videos has been taken, are they the spirits of the people buried at Stonehenge or could it be the victims of a religious sacrifice?
I do not think anyone will ever know for sure why Stonehenge was built or for what purpose, but it will always remain a fascination and mystery to me and to everyone  around the world

TRESS YEOMANS is the director/founder of Rugeley Supernatural Society, based in Staffordshire. You can visit the R.S.S. website at



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