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Wiltshire is a ceremonial county in the South-West of England.

Emma Heard Grovely Wood

Visit Grovely Wood and its haunting terrors

Guest writer EMMA HEARD, from Weird Wiltshire, says you'll be in for a big surprise when you go into the ancient woodlands of Grovely...
Avebury Stones in Wiltshire

Avebury Stone Circles and their ancient mysteries

Avebury Stone Circles are said to be home to quite the amount of paranormal activity, and there is even one case of an unnerving time slip, says CHRISTINE MILLER
Old Sarum from the sky

Old Sarum, the rise and fall of an ancient settlement

Old Sarum near Salisbury is one of England's most ancient and mysterious settlements with a rich and dark history....
Avebury Red Lion Pub in Wiltshire

Is the Avebury Red Lion Pub, the Most Haunted Pub Ever?

The Avebury Red Lion pub in Wiltshire connects with ancient stone circles - is it any wonder it's been named one of the world's most haunted pubs, says CHRISTINE MILLER
Great British Ghosts

The Black Swan Hotel and Devizes: Great British Ghosts (S1, E7)

CHRISTINE MILLER continues her look at Great British Ghosts with series one, episode seven: The Black Swan Hotel and a Ghost Tour of Devizes

The Warminster Thing, UFO over Wiltshire

In the 1960s, Wiltshire became the centre of a UFO sensation known as The Warminster Thing , says RICK HALE
The Old Bell Hotel in Malmesbury

Old Bell Hotel haunted by supernatural forces that won’t budge

The ghosts are active at the Old Bell Hotel, one of Britain's oldest hotels, says RICK HALE
Haunted Wardour Castle is scarred from centuries of bloodied history

Ghosts wander Wardour Castle and its haunted forest

Wardour Castle near Salisbury is surrounded by dense forest and a history of ghosts, says RICK HALE
The real-life locations of Devil's End in the classic Doctor Who serial The Daemons can be seen in Aldbourne in Wiltshire.

Welcome to the real Devil’s End, as seen in Doctor Who: The Daemons

BARRY McCANN goes behind the scenes of Doctor Who classic The Daemon's and visits the real Devil's End - Aldbourne, Wiltshire

Salisbury: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Salisbury is one of England's most haunted cities. SOPHIE ROSE CLARKE looks at its ghosts and spirits

England’s 4 Most Haunted Army Barracks

BECKY KEANE gives us four of England's Most Haunted Army Barracks....
Most Haunted - Mary King's Close

Avebury Stones and The Red Lion: Most Haunted REVIEW

ANDREW HOMER looks back on Most Haunted: Avebury Stones and The Red Lion
Fisherton House Asylum

The Gruesome Death of Robert Wilfred Skeffington Lutwidge

ANDREW GARVEY reports on the gruesome murder of Lewis Carroll's uncle,
What is Stonehenge

Is Stonehenge, an Ancient Burial Site or Computer?

JON KANEKO-JAMES begins his new column Wyrd Britain exploring the magical Stonehenge

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