Ghosts wander Wardour Castle and its haunted forest

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Wardour Castle near Salisbury is surrounded by dense forest and a history of ghosts, says RICK HALE

Wardour Castle
Tisbury, Salisbury, SP3 6RR

Rising from the grassy Wiltshire countryside is Wardour Castle, a Grade I listed building that has been at the center of centuries of betrayal and bloodshed.

Three things that have left a psychic scar on the very foundations of the castle causing the lonesome tower to be haunted by the forlorn, Lady Blanche Arundell.

History Of Wardour Castle

Wardour Castle was built in Tisbury, Salisbury, upon land that was owned by the St. Martin family in 1385.

When Sir Lawrence de St. Martin unexpectedly died the castle was handed over to John, the fifth Baron of Lovell.

No one is really sure why Lovell was given the castle, but it had been speculated he poisoned Martin. Taking the castle by stealth rather than force.

Haunted Wardour Castle is scarred from centuries of bloodied history
Haunted Wardour Castle is scarred from centuries of bloodied history

Six decades after the Lovell’s took over the castle fate played it’s hand against them.

The Lovell family fell from favour due to their support of the Lancastrian cause during the war of the roses in 1461.

The castle was then bought by Sir Thomas Arundell, head of an ancient and noble Cornish family.

The downfall of the castle came in 1463, when Sir Thomas was called away on the King’s business.

Before leaving, he asked his wife Blanche, to defend the castle with only 25 battle ready men.

On 2 May, Sir Edward Hungerford laid siege to the castle with 1300 men. Easily overwhelming Blanche and her men.

When the siege was over all 25 men, including Lady Blanche Arundell lay dead.

The Haunting Of Wardour Castle

The siege of the castle, and the death of Lady Blanche and her brave defenders, left a psychic scar with their shed blood upon the ruined remains of the castle.

And not just on the castle but on the very land it sits upon and the dense forest that surrounds it.

The Ghost Of Lady Blanche

Lady Blanche did her best to defend the castle against a powerful force. Perhaps this is why her spirit refuses to rest.

Visitors to the castle have reported encountering the forlorn spectre of Lady Blanche Arundell wandering the ruins of the castle.

Her figure has also been sighted on moonlit nights slowly walking towards the lake. Her sobbing ghost vanishing upon reaching the shore.

The Woods around Wardour Castle

The dense forest that surrounds the castle are believed to be haunted by by the 25 men that defended the castle.

The phantom voices of men have been heard breaking the silence of the woods.

And their bruised and bloodied apparitions have been seen just beyond the treeline. As well as wispy lights floating among the trees.

Sounds of Battle

Perhaps the strangest activity reported at the castle are the sounds of men locked in mortal combat.

Sounds of swords clashing and men yelling have been known to break the solemn atmosphere of the castle.

The sounds of the bloody battle are believed to have been recorded on the stones of the castle.

The frenzied figures of men in uniform have been glimpsed by unsuspecting visitors only to disappear as abruptly as they appear.

Wardour Castle is open to the public for guided tours as well as for anyone wanting to take in the ancient ruins of the castle.

If you should visit, it’s suggested you leave before nightfall. As that is when the spirits appear forever acting out the horrific battle that ended their lives centuries ago.

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