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5 Most Terrifying Irish Poltergeist Hauntings

ANN MASSEY takes a look at the scariest Irish poltergeist hauntings.

Terror of the Bolton Poltergeist

BECKY KEANE tells us how a Bolton poltergeist terrorised a family during the 1990s

England’s scariest poltergeist hauntings

Here are some of England's most celebrated poltergeist cases, from guest writer GIANNA DE SALVO
Cheltenham Poltergeist

Was the Cheltenham Poltergeist the real ‘Woman in Black’?

PAUL ADAMS delves into the frightening case of the Cheltenham Poltergeist and the birth of ghost-hunting
South Shields Poltergeist

Contagion: In the Shadow of the South Shields Poltergeist

Author DARREN W RITSON discusses his new book Contagion, which goes beyond the story of the South Shields Poltergeist case
Enfield Poltergeist Children

Origins of the Enfield Poltergeist

SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS looks back on London's most talked-about ghost cases of the 1970s - the Enfield Poltergeist!
Forty Hall in Enfield, North London

More to Haunted Enfield than the Poltergeist

JASON HOLLIS says many ghosts in Haunted Enfield deserve attention, not just its famous poltergeist
Enfield Poltergeist Children

Why I Believe in the Enfield Poltergeist

Author JASON HOLLIS explains why he believes the legendary Enfield Poltergeist is real
Enniscorthy Poltergeist

Enniscorthy, Ireland’s Most Chilling Poltergeist Tale

PAUL MOYNIHAN looks at Wexford's answer to the Enfield Poltergeist, the horror of a haunting in historic Enniscorthy.

Talking abut Edinburgh Poltergeists with Jan Andrew Henderson

MJ STEEL COLLINS interviews Edinburgh supernatural writer Jan-Andrew Henderson
The haunted tomb of Sir George Mackenzie at Greyfriars Cemetery in Haunted Edinburgh

Death by Ghost: Did MacKenzie Poltergeist kill Colin Grant in Edinburgh?

Did the Mackenzie Poltergeist kill a local clairvoyant? MJ WAYLAND investigates the claims
Guy Lyon Playfair

Guy Lyon Playfair talks on Enfield Poltergeist

GUY LYON PLAYFAIR investigated The Enfield Poltergeist first-hand in the 1970s. He takes a look back at the spectacular case for The Spooky Isles.
Bromley London

Bromley: 8 Haunted Places to Visit

LES HEWITT reveals why haunted Bromley in South London is known as one of the capital's most haunted places!
Nigel Kneale’s Tomato Cain and Other Stories

Nigel Kneale’s Tomato Cain and Other Stories BOOK REVIEW

Tomato Cain and Other Stories, published in 1949, is the Nigel Kneale's only collection of short fiction. JOE HOWSIN takes a look at this recently re-issued work...

The Witch Farm Podcast EPISODE GUIDE

The Witch Farm is Danny Robins' latest paranormal cold case. CHRISTINE MILLER reviews the series.

Haunting the Haunters: Real Life Scares at Theme Parks

Haunted House theme parks are plentiful across the UK and some of the spookiness is real, says former performer ASHLEY DARKWOOD
West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire’s Most Haunted Places to Visit

ANDY OWENS picks his favourite ghost stories and haunted places in spooky West Yorkshire
Haunted North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire’s Most Haunted Places to Visit

North Yorkshire has many haunted sites with plenty to interest the professional and casual ghost hunter alike, says ANDY OWENS
The Brushmakers Arms

5 Haunted Southampton Pubs to Visit for Halloween

Southampton pubs are a great place to celebrate Halloween! Here are some pubs you can visit during the spooky season.
Crawley Postcard

Crawley: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Crawley in West Sussex may not be an ancient town but it's got plenty to intrigue ghosthunters and fans of the paranormal, says PETULA MITCHELL
Haunted Bristol Pubs

5 Haunted Bristol Pubs to Visit for Halloween

Anytime is a great time to visit a haunted pub, but Halloween makes it doubly spooky to check out these most haunted Bristol pubs for some lively spirits or a pint!

Weymouth: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Weymouth has plenty of spooky spots to send a shiver down your spine. Here are five haunted places in the Dorset seaside town for you to visit.
Haunted Vacuum Lulworth Camp

The Haunted Vacuum Cleaner of Lulworth Camp

Lulworth Camp's Officers Mess in Dorset is teaming with paranormal activity, including a haunted vacuum, says ROBIN WHEELER

Ghostwatch: A Legacy of Horror

Ghostwatch celebrates its 30th anniversary this Halloween. COHEN MATTHEWS says the spooky masterpiece still holds strong today, leaving a legacy of real life terror in its wake


The Charterhouse, London: Black Death and Ghostly Horror

The Charterhouse
The Charterhouse in London has a dark history of plague pits, royal murder and unholy intrigue, says RICK HALE

The Red Lion Hotel and Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker (S1, E4) Great British Ghosts

Great British Ghosts
CHRISTINE MILLER looks at episode four of Great British Ghosts as Michaela heads to The Red Lion Hotel & Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker

Asylum 1972 and The House That Dripped Blood 1970 Blu-ray Review

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES gets a sneak peek at Amicus' Asylum (1972) and The House That Dripped Blood (1970) on Blu-ray.

Headless Horsemen and Halloween: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Headless Horseman
DAVID SAUNDERSON looks at the enduring legacy of Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which many do not know was written in Birmingham, England

Unholy Terror! Ireland’s 20 Scariest Nun, Priest And Monk Hauntings

Ireland is home to the most unnerving religious ghosts and hauntings, says ANN MASSEY