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Bull Inn Long Melford

The Bull Hotel, Long Melford: Where Poltergeists and Ghost Hunters Roam

Not only haunted, The Bull Hotel Long Melford holds a special place in paranormal history as the base for Harry Price during his Borley Rectory ghosthunting investigations. RICK HALE tells us more.
Seven Stages of Poltergeist Haunting

The Seven Stages of a Poltergeist Haunting: Evelyn Hollow

Poltergeist hauntings come in stages, explains guest writer EVELYN HOLLOW, paranormal researcher from the BBC's Battersea Poltergeist podcast in this guest post for the Spooky Isles
South Shields Poltergeist

The South Shields Poltergeist – 15 Years On

Paranormal investigator and author DARREN W. RITSON looks back on his involvement in one of England's most shocking paranormal cases, The South Shields Poltergeist...
Battersea Poltergeist BBC

The Battersea Poltergeist: BBC Radio 4 Podcast REVIEW

The Battersea Poltergeist is a new BBC Radio 4 podcast that shines a spotlight on a poltergeist case in South London, says CHRISTINE MILLER
Ringcroft Poltergeist

The Ringcroft Poltergeist, Scotland’s Most Extreme Haunting

Guest writer MARTIN R. SHAW reveals The Ringcroft Poltergeist, a particularly unnerving Scottish haunting from Dumfries and Galloway, all the way back in the...

Riddle of Thornton Heath Poltergeist: Real or Urban Myth?

JOHN FRASER, author of Poltergeist: A New Investigation of Destructive Hauntings, goes hunting for the truth behind the Thornton Heath poltergeist…

Was the Byron Street Thing a Poltergeist?

Unknown forces terrorising a Byron Street Runcorn family in the 1950s were as scary as any better-known poltergeist case, says RICK HALE

Ruth Roper Wylde: Growing Up with a ‘Scary’ Poltergeist in Hertfordshire

Guest writer RUTH ROPER WYLDE describes the poltergeist events that plagued her home as a teenager, growing up in Welwyn, Hertfordshire

Poltergeist! by John Fraser BOOK REVIEW

Veteran paranormal researcher John Fraser's latest book Poltergeist! explores this most controversial type of hauntings. Guest writer BETH DARLINGTON reviews the book.

Pete the Cardiff Poltergeist plays havoc with repair shop

Pete the Cardiff Poltergeist threatened the sanity of small business owners in Wales, says RICK HALE

South Shields Poltergeist, ‘a supernatural intelligence’

The South Shields Poltergeist remains one of England’s most frightening paranormal manifestations, says RICK HALE….

Sexy screams attract Buckinghamshire Poltergeist

EDDIE BRAZIL reveals a strange 1990s poltergeist case linked to a woman's love-making in Buckinghamshire
Strange things have been experienced at the Armley Mills Industrial Museum in Leeds

Poltergeists terrorise Armley Mills, Leeds

Armley Mills Industrial Museum, a building so haunted, it's been called the ‘ Satanic mills of Armley’, says RICK HALE
British Poltergeist Hauntings

Top 10 British Poltergeist Hauntings

MJ STEEL COLLINS lists the most notorious British Poltergeist hauntings
George Mackeznie

Who was Bluidy George Mackenzie – the evil behind Greyfriar’s Poltergeist?

MJ STEEL COLLINS profiles the evil George Mackenzie, the man behind Scotland's most infamous poltergeist
Guy Lyon Playfair

Was the Enfield Poltergeist mother the focus of the haunting?

Guest writer RICK HALE looks for a new angle to explain the notorious Enfield Poltergeist case
16 Waterdales Northfleet

Did an evil Poltergeist force three families to flee a Northfleet Kent home?

EDDIE BRAZIL digs deep to discover the Northfleet Horror, where a poltergeist terrorised three Kent families
Poltergeist bunny

Poltergeist Bunny terrifies Ouija Board group and Ruins Easter

ANDREW HOMER looks back over his paranormal case files and remembers a haunted toy hare that wasn't
Glasgow Poltergeist

5 scary Glasgow poltergeists who will give you shivers!

MJ STEEL COLLINS reveals five Glasgow poltergeists from her new book, Uncanny Clydeside

Norwood Poltergeist terror raises many questions

EDDIE BRAZIL looks back on a frightening 1950s poltergeist case from Norwood in South London...
Glasgow Poltergeist

5 Most Violent Scottish Poltergeists

MJ STEEL COLLINS tracks down five violent Scottish poltergeists
Cooneen Poltergeist

Cooneen Poltergeist terrorises Fermanagh

JANET QUINLIVAN tells us about one of Northern Ireland's most famous poltergeists, The Cooneen Poltergeist

5 Most Terrifying Irish Poltergeist Hauntings

ANN MASSEY takes a look at the scariest Irish poltergeist hauntings.

Terror of the Bolton Poltergeist

BECKY KEANE tells us how a Bolton poltergeist terrorised a family during the 1990s


7 Irish Horror Authors You Must Read

Bram Stoker
ANN MASSEY tells us her favourite Irish horror writers and her favourite spooky works

Stockton-on-Tees: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

GAYLE FIDLER takes us on a spooky tour of Stockton-on-Tees' haunted places

Cross-Roads 1955 REVIEW

To celebrate Christopher Lee's 100th birthday, RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks back on his first foray into horror, Cross-Roads from 1955

The Corpse Bird: A Guide to Welsh Owl Folklore

Barn Owl, Owl Folklore
Owls feature prominently in Welsh and wider Celtic folklore, says CLAIRE BARRAND

Dracula BBC 2020 Complete Episode Guide

CHRIS NEWTON reviews the revamped Dracula BBC 2020 miniseries adaptation, starring Claes Bang and Dolly Wells