The Bull Hotel, Long Melford: Where Poltergeists and Ghost Hunters Roam

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Not only haunted, The Bull Hotel Long Melford holds a special place in paranormal history as the base for Harry Price during his Borley Rectory ghosthunting investigations. RICK HALE tells us more.

Bull Hotel Long Melford

As far as films go there is nothing more entertaining to me than a good old fashioned murder mystery.

I love sitting there and picking apart a whodunnit. Who had the motive? Who had the opportunity to carry out the ghastly crime of ending another person’s life.

I’ve actually been told I’m somewhat annoying to watch one of these movies with. Only because I usually have it figured out half way through and I have no problem saying who the culprit is. You have been warned.

With that being said, there is one historical murder that I just can’t wrap my mind around.  A murder that occurred at Long Melford’s The Bull Hotel in 1648.

When Richard Evered found himself on the business end of a dagger, but it’s not so much the who or why Richard died. 

No the most vexing part of this murder is, what happened to his body.

We may never know the answer to this centuries old mystery. But do you know who does know the answer?  Richard Evered’s ghost.

History of The Bull Hotel Long Melford

Set in the very heart of Long Melford, along the longest road in East Anglia is the historic Bull Hotel.

It’s believed the Bull, as the locals call it, was built sometime in the mid 15th century. Decades before the first Tudor kings ascended the English throne in 1475.

The much loved hotel has many of its original features, making it one of the most attractive hotels in the region.

The original timber work, which is strangely well preserved in spite of its age, adorns both the interior and exterior of the building.

And an Elizabethan fireplace in the lounge has been keeping the Bull toasty and comfortable for centuries.

However, one of the most peculiar features of The Bull Hotel is a carving of a Woodwose or a wildman on a beam in the lounge.

According to English folklore these enigmatic beings  who some liken to North America’s bigfoot, were carved into buildings to keep them safe from spirits. 

It would seem the wildman is laying down on the job, as this historic hostelry is said to harbour not only the spirit of a murdered man. 

But also a rambunctious poltergeist that caused quite a bit of trouble for The Bull Hotel in the late 20th century. 

A poltergeist that was investigated by none other than Britain’s greatest ghost hunter, Peter Underwood himself.

But before we take a look at his investigation, we must first explore the haunting mystery that has plagued The Bull for nearly 400 years.

Images from Spooky Isles' visit to The Bull Hotel Long Melford in June 2022.
Images from Spooky Isles’ visit to The Bull Hotel Long Melford in June 2022.

The Ghost of Richard Evered

It should go without saying but politics can be an extraordinarily ugly thing.

Discussing this controversial topic causes mistrust, bad feelings and long lasting divisions. Political discourse is something I am loath to engage in.

However, it’s rare that discussing politics turns to murder. And it’s believed this is what brought Richard Evered to his untimely demise.

Richard Evered, a local yeoman, found himself involved in a heated political  debate with another man.

Not wanting the conversation to become unnecessarily violent, Richard got up and walked away. Unfortunately, his opponent didn’t share his sentiment.

The man snuck up behind Richard as he stood in a doorway and shoved a knife deep into his back.

According to witnesses, Evered never saw it coming and was more than likely dead before he hit the ground.

Shocked by the murder, witnesses laid Richard’s body out in a hall and ran to get help.

The witnesses returned within moments and were shocked when they discovered that the body of the clearly dead man was gone.

Either Richard wasn’t dead and just got up and walked away. Or, someone spirited his body away.  Both, according to the helpers, was not possible.

Although the body was never found, the ghost of Richard Evered has been seen walking the halls of The Bull surprising unsuspecting visitors.

Room 4 appears to to be the favourite haunt of this elusive spectre  as he has been seen standing in the room and waking people as they attempt to sleep.

The room is known far and wide as the haunted room and is a favourite place for the courageous guest to try and get a good night’s sleep.

The site plan of The Bull Hotel Long Melford, as seen on the backs of doors at the ancient inn.
The site plan of The Bull Hotel Long Melford, as seen on the backs of doors at the ancient inn.

The Poltergeist

Encounters with the ghost of the brutally slain Richard Evered isn’t the only supernatural activity experienced at The Bull.

Famed ghost hunter Harry Price used the hotel as his base during his many investigations of the nearby Borley Rectory.

And famed author and ghost hunter, Peter Underwood investigated an outbreak of recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis, or a poltergeist, at The Bull.

When he arrived at The Bull, Peter Underwood, met with Colonel Dawson, owner and landlord at the time.

According to the Colonel, the trouble began when a young woman came to live and work at the hotel.

In the woman’s presence, the temperature would drop several degrees and plates and glasses would inexplicably leap from the bar and crash against the wall, shattering into millions of little pieces.

Typically poltergeist activity ceases when the Poltergeist focus either leaves or ages out of the phenomena. Not so as far as The Bull is concerned.

Poltergeist activity remains a daily occurrence at The Bull.

Furniture is seen or heard moving about the building. And glasses are pushed off the bar by unseen hands.

Long Melford’s, The Bull Hotel is a cornucopia of paranormal activity sure to keep the ghost enthusiast coming back for more.

Apart from The Bull the charming town of Long Melford has several antique and boutique shops sure to please the casual shopper.

And keeping with the haunted history of the area, the site of England’s most haunted house, Borley Rectory is nearby.

The building may have burned to the ground many decades ago, but the ghosts that once haunted the rectory remains.

Long Melford’s The Bull Hotel is the ideal place for the casual traveller and ghost hunter to spend a night or two. If they dare.

Have you seen a ghost at The Bull Hotel in Long Melford? Tell us about in the comments section below!


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