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Lancashire is a ceremonial county in North West England.

Henry Bertram Starr, the case of the Blackpool Ripper

Henry Bertram Starr became known as the Blackpool Ripper following the vicious 1903 killing of his wife, guest writer ZOWIE SWAN says

Top 5 Haunted Lancaster Pubs to visit

CHRIS NEWTON visits some of Lancaster's most haunted pubs to check out the spirits for us…

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, get ready for some ghostly fun!

RICK HALE takes us to the seaside to discover the haunted Blackpool Pleasure Beach and all its ghosts...

Lancashire’s 10 Most Haunted Pubs

BARRY McCann picks his top 10 haunted pubs from Lancashire, England

What is haunted Chingle Hall’s darkest secret?

BARRY McCANN looks at the dark paranormal secrets that surround Lancashire's most haunted house, Chingle Hall
St Mary's Church, Newchurch-in-Pendle, is one of central to the Pendle Hill witches story

5 creepy Lancashire Graveyards you must visit!

CHRIS NEWTON reveals the ghost stories and disturbing activities behind the creepiest Lancashire graveyards
Paranormal Lockdown visits Park Hotel Morecombe

Paranormal Lockdown visits Morecombe’s Park Hotel

Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman find themselves in a timeloop in Park Hotel Morecambe, write MJ STEEL COLLINS
Most Haunted - Mary King's Close

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Most Haunted REVIEW

Guest writer BRIAN JAMES takes a look back at Most Haunted: Blackpool Pleasure Beach

5 Haunted Pubs to visit in The Fylde, Lancashire

CHRIS NEWTON heads to some haunted pubs along the The Fylde coast in northern England

Shadowy ghosts in haunted Lancaster flats creep out terrified residents

Not all hauntings happen in castles and old buildings. These Lancaster flats have had their own hauntings, says BARRY McCANN
A close up of the plaque on the Witches Grave in Woodplumpton, Lancashire

Lancashire Day, a time to celebrate wonderful monsters, witches and strange legends

Guest writer CHRIS NEWTON marks Lancashire Day by revealing the county's strangest folktales and mythic legends
Salmesbury Hall Ghost

Salmesbury Hall Ghost, a classic haunting tale of tragic love lost

Two star-crossed lovers led to the haunting of Salmesbury Hall in Lancashire, says BARRY McCANN

England’s 5 most haunted and creepy Victorian piers to visit

BARRY McCANN loves to be beside the seaside on these five most haunted English piers...
Witch Cottage Pendle Hill

Was a mummied cat buried in secret Pendle Hill witches’ cottage?

BARRY McCann looks at 'Lancashire's Tutankhamen's Tomb' - a supposed witches' cottage near Pendle Hill that had been buried for unknown reasons...
Pendle Witch child Jennet Device

Jennet Device: Whatever happened to the Pendle Witch child?

BARRY McCANN investigates what became of the Pendle Witch child, Jennet Device, following her explosive testimony...

Birkdale’s Palace Hotel with the Haunted Lift

BARRY McCann asks why does haunted Palace Hotel in Lancashire have such a dark reputation...
Pendle Hill Witches Guide Sign

Pendle Witches Guide: Where in the Hill to find them

BARRY McCann charts a Pendle Witches Guide of Pendle Hill
The Curse of Peg O'Neil

The Curse of Peg O’Neil’s Ghost – a beheading won’t stop her!

BARRY McCann asks whether Peg O'Neil - a spirit that lurks in Lancashire - is responsible for dreadful disasters there

Did a Boggart or Headless Lady cause traffic accident?

BARRY McCANN describes how a mysterious spirit may behind an Lancashire apprentice falling off his bike in 1947

Discover Meg Shelton, the Witch of Woodplumpton’s spooky grave

A boulder in a Lancashire burial ground marks the grave of Meg Shelton, but according to BARRY McCANN, the Witch of Woodplumpton may still walk the earth!

Lancashire’s Phantom Road Victim Scares Drivers

BARRY McCANN tells of a traffic accident in Lancashire that included someone who was already dead!

5 scariest haunted Lancashire mills you wouldn’t dare visit

BECKY KEANE braves the 'dark satanic mills' to look at the haunted factories of Greater Manchester and Lanchashire

Mysterious Bidston Hill, beautiful but sinister

Birkenhead's Bidston Hill has had everything from ghosts, satanists and UFOs haunt its beautiful surrounds, says guest writer LAUREN JONES

The Sea Tombed Village of Singleton Thorpe

BARRY McCANN looks at fascinating story of the fabled submerged village of Singleton Thorpe reputedly near Blackpool in Lancashire

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