Charnock Hall, Most Haunted REVIEW


CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look back at Most Haunted: Charnock Hall

Episode Title: Charnock Hall
Location: Preston, Lancashire

Series: 1 Episode Number: 12
Originally broadcast: 2001-2002

Medium: Derek Acorah
Parapsychologists: Jason Karl, David Scanlen & Vicki Purewal

Most Haunted Charnock Hall

Charnock Hall, A “Quiet” Cul-de-sac

Charnock Hall is located in a quiet residential street, and it once was the property of the royal family.

It was a place where masses were performed in the days when Catholicism was heavily frowned upon.

The ghosts of priests have often been seen here, and mysterious footsteps have been heard.

Electric disturbances are commonplace at Charnock Hall, with TVs and stereos turning on by themselves in the middle of the night.

The ghost of a small boy carrying a ball has been seen by passers-by outside, and a monk has even been seen sitting on the end of a bed, much to the utter terror of the witness!

Mischievous Child Spirits and a Cat

The group are due to begin recording when they all collectively catch a fit of the giggles.

However, this abruptly ceases when a cupboard door opens, seemingly of its own accord. Derek immediately explains that this was done by a ghost of a little boy, who is one of three children present.

These children frequently play upstairs and are from the 1660s, according to Derek.  

Interestingly, there is a black cat asleep on a nearby chair; Derek feels that these spirit children are tightly connected to the cat.

The cat is apparently a reincarnation of someone who was close to the children when they were alive, and now wishes to remain close to them, even now they are dead.

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Lights Off Investigation at Charnock Hall

The team move upstairs, and Derek again picks up on the laughter and play of children.

There is no malice or negativity from these children, and many of the ghostly noises and footsteps that are often heard can be attributed to them, says Derek.

In the main bedroom, which Yvette feels decidedly uneasy in, Derek senses a monk called Thomas Michael, and this room is where he prayed.

Michael looks after the children and makes sure that no harm comes to them, in particular, the young boy.


Led by Jason, the group begin a séance, asking aloud for confirmation of any spirits present.

Various members of the team report unusual physical sensations, from a sore jaw to tingling, to generally feeling unwell.

Cameraman Rick becomes unwell, and Karl calls a stop to the séance.

Main Bedroom

Yvette, Neil and Jason move back to the main bedroom, and they catch various orbs on camera. 

And so ends another episode of classic Most Haunted. I don’t know about you, but I won’t look at my black cat in the same light again…

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