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Dracula is an 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker. The central character, Count Dracula, a Transylvanian vampire, travels to England to find fresh blood.

Son of Dracula 1943

Son of Dracula 1943 REVIEW

Scene from Blacula 1972

Blacula 1972 REVIEW


Jack the Ripper Victims Graves: Their Final Resting Places

Mary Jane Kelly
NICOLA CARPENTER reveals the locations of Jack the Ripper victims graves

Ashley Darkwood Interview: Ghosts, Demons and Multiverses

Ashley Darkwood at the Royal Standard in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
Ashley Darkwood is the founder of Darkwood Productions and High Wycombe Paranormal. He talks to JOHN AMBROSE MARTIN about his work as a medium, tour guide and paranormal investigator.

My Real Phantom of the Opera: The Cockpit Theatre London

Lighting designer DOUGLAS KUHRT tells us about his real-life Phantom of the Opera experience at the Cockpit Theatre in London

Barbara Shelley versus Veronica Carlson

Veronica Carlson versus Barbara Shelley
HOWARD JACKSON ponders the many qualities of Hammer Horror leading ladies, Barbara Shelley and Veronica Carlson

Crystal Energy: How To Harness The Power

Guest writer KERRY GREENAWAY begins her series on the connection between crystals and the paranormal by looking at harnessing Crystal Energy...
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