10 Bram Stoker Facts You Didn’t Know

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To celebrate the birthday of the author of Dracula today, here are some Bram Stoker facts you will enjoy reading.

Bram Stoker Facts

Bram Stoker Facts

  1. Bram Stoker was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1847 and was the third of seven children. He was a sickly child who spent much of his early years bedridden, which led to his love of reading and storytelling. His great-grand-nephew Dacre Stoker used Bram’s childhood as a basic for his book, Dracul.
  2. Stoker was the personal assistant of actor Henry Irving, who was one of the most famous actors of the Victorian era. Stoker worked for Irving for 27 years, managing his theatrical company and writing plays for him.
  3. Stoker’s most famous work, Dracula, was not an immediate success when it was first published in 1897. It was only after it was adapted for the stage and later for film that it became a cultural phenomenon.
  4. Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula came from various sources, including is fascination of the folklore and legends of vampires. He also drew inspiration from the history of Vlad the Impaler, a Romanian ruler who was notorious for his brutal methods of punishing his enemies.
  5. Stoker was a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society that was interested in the occult and mysticism. Other notable members of the society included poet W.B. Yeats and novelist Arthur Machen.
  6. Stoker’s mother was a feminist who was one of the first women to attend university in Ireland. She also worked as a charity worker and advocate for the rights of the poor.
  7. Stoker wrote more than a dozen novels during his career, including The Jewel of Seven Stars and Lair of the White Worm. However, none of his other works achieved the same level of success or recognition as Dracula.
  8. Stoker, Charlotte Thornley, was a keen sportsman and enjoyed playing football and cricket. He was also an accomplished athlete who won several medals in track and field events. His athleticism made up for his poor health as a child.
  9. Stoker’s wife, Florence Balcombe, was a former girlfriend of Oscar Wilde. Stoker and Wilde were acquaintances and there is speculation that some of Wilde’s flamboyant personality traits may have influenced the character of Dracula.
  10. Stoker died in 1912 at the age of 64 from a series of strokes. He is interned in Golders Green Crematorium in London and his epitaph reads: “He died not for himself, but for those he loved and for his country.”

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Bram Stoker, business manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London ,takes a cab with the theatre's owner Sir Henry Irving
Bram Stoker, business manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London, takes a cab with the theatre’s owner Sir Henry Irving

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