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Peter Cushing films include Curse of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy and Dr Who and the Daleks.

Madhouse 1974 REVIEW

Vincent Price and Peter Cushing in Madhouse 1974
Madhouse 1974, starring Vincent Price and Peter Cushing, is a 1970s horror gem for acquired tastes, says TERRY SHERWOOD

Shock Waves 1977 REVIEW

Peter Cushing - Shock Waves 1977
Shock Waves 1977, starring Peter Cushing, is a fun, well-directed underwater Nazi zombie exploitation thriller, says TERRY SHERWOOD

The Mummy 1959 and Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell 1974...

Two Hammer classics get a deluxe Blu-ray treatment: RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at new, lavish editions of The Mummy 1959 and Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell 1974.

House of the Long Shadows 1983 REVIEW

House of the Long Shadows
House of the Long Shadows 1983 is full of classic horror greats, but is it any good? TERRY SHERWOOD takes a look!

She 1965 REVIEW

She 1955
She 1965 is a fun, pulp adventure with plenty of Hammer Horror stars to light up your Saturday afternoon, says TERRY SHERWOOD TITLE: She RELEASED:...

The Ghoul 1975 REVIEW

The Ghoul 1975 with Veronica Carlson and Peter Cushing
The Ghoul 1975 is a vintage British horror of contradictions and worth seeing for the fine performances of its cast, says TERRY SHERWOOD

From Beyond the Grave 1974 REVIEW

Peter Cushing in From Beyond the Grave (1974)
From Beyond the Grave (1974) is one of Amicus' finest horror anthologys, says SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS

Land of the Minotaur 1976 REVIEW

Land of the Minotaur 1976 - once called 'Peter Cushing's worst film' - is reviewed by DAVID SAUNDERSON

The Gorgon 1964 REVIEW

Close up of The Gorgon
SIMON BALL takes a look at the Hammer classic horror, The Gorgon (1964)

Tales From The Crypt 1972 REVIEW

Tales from the Crypt 1972
Tales From The Crypt 1972 is the quintessential Amicus film, says RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES

The Hellfire Club 1961 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES looks at The Hellfire Club 1961 - does the subject promise more than the film delivers?

Night of the Big Heat 1967 REVIEW

Night of the Big Heat
Peter Cushing's steals scenes in Night of the Big Heat 1967 and deserves respect, says HOWARD JACKSON

Corruption 1968 REVIEW

Corruption 1968 Poster
Corruption 1968 is one of Peter Cushing's less distinguished outings, says RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES

Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires 1974 REVIEW

BARRY McCAN takes a look back at Hammer's The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

The Beast Must Die 1974 REVIEW

The Beast Must Die
SIMON BALL reviews The Beast Must Die 1974

I, Monster 1971 REVIEW

I monster 1971
I, Monster 1971 - starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing - is reviewed by SIMON BALL

Incense for the Damned 1970 REVIEW

Incense for the Damned
Horror legend DAVID McGILLIVRAY reviews Incense for the Damned 1970

The Uncanny 1977 REVIEW

The Uncanny 1977
The Uncanny 1977 is a film that despite starring Peter Cushing, Ray Milland and Donald Pleasence, still lacks punch, says PETER FULLER.

Captain Clegg 1962 REVIEW

Captain Clegg Poster
CARL SYKES calls Captain Clegg 1962 a taut and gripping story

Torture Garden 1967 Review

Torture Garden 1967 is Amicus' second horror anthology film, reviewed by SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS

The Skull 1965 REVIEW

Selene Paxton-Broooks reviews The Skull (1965) - a shockfest from Amicus!

The House That Dripped Blood 1970 REVIEW

the house that dripped blood
SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS reviews the third Amicus horror portmanteau, The House That Dripped Blood (1970)

The Abominable Snowman 1957 REVIEW

ADAM SCOVELL reviews Val Guest's intelligent Hammer drama The Abominable Snowman

The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1974 REVIEW

The Satanic Rites of Dracula 1974
RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES describes watching his first Hammer Horror, The Satanic Rites of Dracula!


A Fright at the Feathers Hotel, Ludlow

Feathers Hotel Ludlow
ANDREW HOMER takes us on a spooky visit to Shropshire's ghostly hotspot, The Feathers Hotel in Ludlow

John Landis thanked me for sneaking into Werewolf film

John Landis An American Werewolf in London photo
Bradford's STEPHEN DOYLE was 16 when he sneaked into to the newly-released An American Werewolf in London. He tells The Spooky Isles that his exploit resulted in a signed photo and letter of appreciation from the film's director John Landis

Eight Disturbing True Tales of Welsh Changelings

Welsh Changeling
CLAIRE BARRAND picks out eight historical changelig cases in Wales, with shocking eyewitness accounts of Welsh changelings...

5 Haunted Glasgow Pubs to Visit

Haunted Glasgow Pub
Fancy a ghost with your pint? MJ STEEL COLLINS picks five haunted Glasgow pubs in Glasgow

Black Cats and Superstition: 13 things you didn’t know about

Happy Halloween
ANN MASSEY reveals some strange and wonderful superstitions surrounding black cats through the centuries...
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