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Occult relates to magickal powers and actions, including witchcraft and astrology.

Aleister Crowley and the Loch Ness Monster

Two Great Beasts: Aleister Crowley and the Loch Ness Monster

RICHARD FREEMAN takes us on a visit to the infamous Boleskine House on Loch Ness, where, as it turns out, Nessie isn’t the only Great Beast to have ties to the area.
This Isle is Full of Monsters

This Isle is Full of Monsters: Jon Kaneko-James author interview

Jon Kaneko-James talks about his new book, The Isle is Full of Monsters, and how we need to relook how people thought about the supernatural in Shakespeare's times…
Gavin Canavan

Irish Demonologist Gavin Canavan interview

ANN MASSEY speaks with Irish Demonologist Gavin Canavan about the dangers of supernatural forces and possession
Beezelbub demon

Who is Beelzebub demon? All you need to know

CHRIS RUSH continues his look at the Demons and possession with Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub demon.
Jason Hawes TAPS

Jason Hawes talks Irish hauntings and paranormal reality TV

Ghost Hunters' TV star Jason Hawes tells Spooky Isles's ANN MASSEY about his time in Ireland and bringing paranormal research to television
Zozo demon, demon zozo

Zozo Demon: How to avoid Ouija board evil forces

CHRIS RUSH looks at Ouija boards and how to protect yourself from the ZoZo Demon
Pendle Witch child Jennet Device

Jennet Device: Whatever happened to the Pendle Witch child?

BARRY McCANN investigates what became of the Pendle Witch child, Jennet Device, following her explosive testimony...

Shocking ‘child demonic possession’ cases in Medieval England that will horrify you

JON KANEKO-JAMES looks at historic cases of children possessed by demons
Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys’ fascination with the Paranormal and Dark Arts

JON KANEKO-JAMES reveals the paranormal side of historic London figure, Samuel Pepys

The Bloody History of British Witches

Guest writer NIXIE VALE takes a look at the history of witchcraft through the ages...
Pendle Hill Witches Guide Sign

Pendle Witches Guide: Where in the Hill to find them

BARRY McCann charts a Pendle Witches Guide of Pendle Hill
malachi martin

Malachi Martin: 20 Shocking things you didn’t know about Hostage to the Devil’s Irish...

Malachi Martin is the Irish exorcist at the heart of Netflix's Hostage to the Devil. ANN MASSEY uncovers some facts about him...

Demonic possession cases still shock and terrify Ireland

CHRIS RUSH reveals some recent Irish cases of demonic possession that will drive shivers down your spine...
Harry Potter

Binge reading all 7 Harry Potter Novels in a week

MATT WINGETT binges on all Harry Potter novels over a week to see what all the fuss is about... 
witch's rosary, witches rosary

How to use the Witch’s Rosary

Rosary beads aren’t something that is just limited to the Christian faith, there's such a thing as the Witch's rosary, as PHILIP DAVIES finds out
Against the Crowd: Murrain 1975

Against the Crowd: Murrain 1975 REVIEW

Against the Crowd: Murrain 1975, a TV film from Nigel Kneale, is reviewed by DAVID SAUNDERSON

Darklands 1996 REVIEW

Darklands 1996 is a rerun of The Wicker Man, says SIMON BALL

Route 666, On The Trail Of The Devil In Ireland

ANN O’REGAN takes us on the Devil's trail in Ireland (in 666 words!)
Enzo Cilenti in Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Enzo Cilenti interview: “Childermass is a Yorkshire Jedi”

ANDREW GARVEY speaks to Enzo Cilenti about playing Childermass in Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and his upcoming role in Jekyll and Hyde

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell TV Episode Guide

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell screened on the BBC in 2012 - ANDREW GARVEY reviews each of the episodes.
Omen Kills

Top 10 kills from The Omen films

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES counts down some of Damien's greatest hits.
Scene from Omen IV The Awakening 1991

Omen IV The Awakening 1991 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES suggests this Omen IV The Awakening 1991 may have been one too many
Jonathan Scott Taylor in Damien: The Omen 2

Damien: The Omen 2 1978 REVIEW

RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES takes a look at the Antichrist's second coming in The Omen 2
To the Devil a Daughter 1976

To the Devil a Daughter 1976 REVIEW

DAVID SAUNDERSON reviews To the Devil a Daughter (1976) starring Christopher Lee and Richard Widmark

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