Demonic Possession Cases Still Shock And Terrify Ireland

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We’ve all at some stage either seen or heard of a horror movie where some poor soul is targeted, tormented and finally possessed by a sadistic, demonic entity. But what about day to day life anyway from the big screen, have any exorcism cases or demonic possession or infestation cases ever been reported in our lovely small green island? CHRIS RUSH finds out!

Irish demonic possession

Trainee priests killed by demonic forces in County Kildare

One such story involves two trainee priests. It began in 1841 when the first threw himself to his death through one of the third story windows in St. Patrick’s College in Maynooth, County Kildare. 19 years later another trainee priest threw himself out of the exact same window. Before dying, the second priest claimed he had been tormented by demonic forces. An exorcism was carried out on the room from which the priests jumped to their deaths. Afterwards the wall between the hall and room was knocked down, the window was removed and replaced with a statue of Joseph for protection.

Exorcists called to save couple under demonic possession attack

Another case occurred in County Derry/Londonderry. A couple could no longer stay in their home, stating that a rosary beads and a crucifix were flung across the room. A priest and a Church of Ireland exorcist visited the house, where it was said the holy water being used during the visit heated to boiling point and then froze.  Further unexplainable phenomena included a prayer card bursting into flames, quickly followed by the male occupant of the house uncontrollably vomiting his guts up. A cleansing prayer was said in the house which helped remove the unwanted tormenter.

Belfast family terrified by evil spirit

In Belfast in 2010, a couple and their son left their house claiming an evil spirit dwelt within it. The couple claimed that holy pictures were ripped from the walls, screams echoed through the house in the middle of the night and most shockingly, their son was thrown from his bed. The family said they tried saying prayers in the house, only to be interrupted by immense banging upstairs and when they investigated their clothes had been flung from the wardrobe.

Are there enough exorcists to save Ireland from demonic possession?

At the moment there are approximately three priests trained as exorcists in Ireland and with more and more movies and TV series being released on the subject of demonic bombardment, the spotlight I’m sure will remain on demons and their banishment for quite some time. And of course, off screen in Ireland the battle between good and evil will continue.
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