Tag: Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a country in the United Kingdom.


The Flask Highgate: A Scary Ghost Guide

An old photograph of The Flask in Highgate, one of London's most haunted pubs
The Flask Highgate is one of London's oldest and most haunted pubs. RICK HALE takes us there...

Ley Lines in the British Isles: Your Essential Guide

Ley lines are mystical energy highways that stretch across the planet. They've long been a subject of debate. We take a look...

The Trickster Fox in British Folklore

Fox folklore superstitions
Foxes play a key role in British folklore and superstition. HELEN JR BRUCE reveals the magic of these sly creatures...

Black Shuck and Demon Dogs

black shuck
Guest writer JON KANEKO-JAMES explores our fascination with ghostly devil dogs - like Black Shuck the original Hound of the Baskervilles.

Liverpool: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Liverpool
HOWARD JACKSON takes a look at some of Liverpool's spookiest locations, including the world-famous Beatle landmark Penny Lane!
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