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Occult relates to magickal powers and actions, including witchcraft and astrology.

Aleister Crowley Secret Agent, real adventure of a satanic spy

Aleister Crowley
JON KANEKO-JAMES reveals how Aleister Crowley - "the most wicked man alive" - came to serve his country as a spy ...

Molly Leigh, the Burslem witch, or was she?

Burslem Witch Molly Leigh
NICKI HOWELLS writes about Molly Leigh, an alleged 18th Century witch in Staffordshire

Poppet Magic, a magical guide

Poppet magic
KATIE DOHERTY looks at poppets - the magical practice of using dolls to inflict pain on one's enemies ...

Witches Justice: How the accused turned the tables on the Witchfinder

L.H. DAVIES describes how Scottish witchfinders were brought down to Newcastle in 1649 to deal with some "witches"

The Trouble with the Witch’s Familiar

KATIE DOHERTY asks why such beautiful creatures as black cats are considered unlucky

What are Witch Bottles? A Brief History

witch bottles, witches bottles
KATIE DOHERTY explains the reasons behind witch bottles.

Where the Witches Dance: Nine Ladies Stone Circle

Nine Ladies Stone Circle
KATIE DOHERTY takes a look at The Nine Ladies stone circle, a magical ancient monument based in Derbyshire

Doom not Gloom from Spooky Isles Music

KATIE DOHERTY begins her new column about esoteric and occult matters by pondering the Doom Metal music that has burst forth from these isles we live on.

Visit to Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Cornwall

Witchcraft Museum
MATT WINGETT makes a visit to The Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall

The Omen 1976 REVIEW

The Omen 1976
The Omen 1976 is a rich and satisfying take on modern occult madness, says ADAM SCOVELL

Forest Graveyard, Bodies and Twisted Faces

DOM COOPER tells us about a Forest song about a visit to a graveyard

Eye of the Devil 1966 REVIEW

NIA JONES reviews the 1966 horror Eye of the Devil, starring David Niven, Deborah Kerr and Donald Pleasence

The Devil’s Business 2012 REVIEW

British horror-gangster flick, The Devil's Business (2012) is unconventional and a lot of fun

Exploring Jimmy Page’s Lucifer Rising

DOM COOPER tells us how Jimmy Page took time off from his Led Zeppelin duties to produce Lucifer Rising

The Devil Rides Out 1968 REVIEW

Charles Gray in The Devil Rides Out 1968
The Devil Rides Out 1968 is an enjoyable but overrated Hammer horror, says ADAM SCOVELL

Song to Comus, John Milton’s Tale of Rape and Necromancy

Song to Comus
DOM COOPER describes how the great English poet John Milton sought to cleanse a family's honour through song

The Rolling Stones and their Sympathy for the Devil

DOM COOPER discusses Sympathy for the Devil and other Rolling Stones occult dabblings

Austin Osman Spare paints nightmares

DOM COOPER looks at the history behind the track "Austin Osman Spare", a song about the British artist and occultist by The Bulldog Breed

Doctor Faustus and Demonic Pacts: When Demonology was taught as Science…

JON KANEKO-JAMES looks back on the days when Demonology and the Occult was accepted as scientific fact taught at universities

Aleister Crowley, The Beast of Boleskine House

FRANCES ABBOT remembers moving to her new Scottish Highland home and discovering Aleister Crowley, The Beast of Boleskine House

Night of the Demon 1957 REVIEW

Night of the Demon 1957 is reviewed by ADAM SCOVELL

The Liverpool Pyramid of William McKenzie

Liverpool Pyramid William McKenzie
ELLIOT DAVIES uncovers the truth about the 15 foot Liverpool Pyramid - the tomb of William McKenzie!

Strange Prophecies of Scotland’s Brahan Seer

Brahan Seer
FIONA LANG describes how Brahan Seer used a small stone with a hole in it to see the future

The Wizard of Gordonstoun

The Wizard of Gordonstoun
Guest writer JOHNNY MARTIN looks at the legend of The Wizard of Gordonstoun, the man who made a pact with the Devil!


Sunderland: Top 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Sunderland ghosts
Sunderland has many a grim and dark tale from its ancient history, says LH DAVIES.

Ireland’s 5 Strangest Murders

ANN MASSEY takes a look at some of the more unusual murders on the Emerald Isle

New Forest: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

New Forest Postcard
PETER LEWIS looks at some of the haunted places in the New Forest in the south of England

Milton Keynes: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Haunted Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, is packed full of haunted places to visit. SELENE PAXTON-BROOKS picks her favourites.

Essex’s top 13 scariest haunted places

Essex is a great place for ghost hunting and getting scared in haunted places. Here are 13 of the county's top hauntings!