Zozo Demon: How to avoid Ouija board evil forces


The Ouija board phenomena has swept the globe over recent decades, however, even here in the UK and Ireland the very mention of the word still sends shivers up peoples spines. CHRIS RUSH decided to look further into the ZoZo demon, who is commonly associated with the notorious board and the common signs that he may be present.

It is believed that you don’t even need to use an Ouija board to summon this fiend, however, its usage may heighten the chances of encountering this evil force, who is hell bent on both physical and mental harm to as many individuals as possible. The origins of demonic encounters with ZoZo are hard to pinpoint, however it has been reported from back to the 1800s that people have been in the presence of a negative beast, calling itself ZoZo.

One such reported encounter was the story of a young man called Darren Evans who first encountered the demon in 1982. He had been using the Ouija board with his girlfriend when Demon ZoZo presented himself. The demon shared information from the other side with Dan and he slowly become obsessed with the board. It was then ZoZo Demon showed his true malice as the man suffered a nervous breakdown saying that demons were latched onto him and that ZoZo had said he was going to take his daughter’s soul. Evans claimed that he got an exorcism carried out to rid the family of this beast however it left a lasting impression on them.

It is thought that this demon hides behind other names which include ZaZa and Zo. ZoZo is said to initially portray himself as a friendly spirit and once he has gained your trust he can instigate possession, bad luck, depression, thoughts of suicide and even thoughts of rape amongst his victims.

Warning signs that Zozo Demon is present

So what are the warning signs that he is present during an Ouija board session you may be wondering? Signs include, brisk movements of the planchette in a figure eight. A spelling of the letters ZOZO, ZAZA, ZO etc. A sudden immense feeling of dread around the board. The room/area becomes darker and also you may see movement within the darkness in the corner of your eye.

So if you do come into contact with him, many say, don’t panic, as demons thrive on fear and dread. Close the session immediately by moving the planchette to “Goodbye” Never speak his name. Don’t use the board again. And if any negative activity persists seek professional help.

So there you have it, fact or friction the story of ZoZo is an interesting one and if you are thinking of using an Ouija board in the future, by careful, as you never know who is just waiting to talk to you.

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  1. Ouija boards were manufactured as a children’s game initially, but as time has moved on its changed its appeal for adults. All this zozo business I had a discussion with somebody via Facebook which I said that zozo couldn’t possibly be there all the time if ever he did or was summoned, which is true, well the answer I got was “Oh he sends his foot soldiers when he’s unavailable”. I’m into the paranormal but that s a new one on me.


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