How to Use Ouija Board Safely

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DAVID SAUNDERSON looks at how to use a Ouija Board safely during your Halloween fun without causing attracting damage to yourself or others

Ouija boards are fascinating.

They allow us to communicate with spirits of the deceased, but safety is crucial when using the Ouija board.

You never know what might try to connect with you.

It is possible to find yourself speaking to a malicious spirit or even a demon.

The Ouija board should always be used with precaution and respect.

How to use a ouija board
Be careful with your Ouija board!

You Need To Be Physically and Mentally Well

Don’t use the Ouija board when you are sick, tired, angry, or depressed.

The Ouija board will draw on your energy.

People with psychosis or other serious forms of mental illness should never touch the Ouija board.

Protect Yourself Before You Start

You can put quartz crystals in the room to counteract any negative energy.

You can also say a prayer of protection before you start the session.

You can create a circle of sea salt around the board, as an added barrier of protection.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Be aware of your words. Don’t ask for ‘any spirit’. Ask for a friendly spirit.

This should go without saying, but never ask to speak to a demon.

Don’t ask questions about your own death.

Spirits do have the ability to lie.

Then again, they could also tell you the truth.

It’s hard to say which of these options is more terrifying.

Know When It’s Time To Stop

Even when you take precautions, it is still possible for an evil entity to overtake the board.

One of these evil forces is the demon called ZoZo.

If this word is spelt out, it is a sign that the demon is present.

Other signs are if the pointer begins to move in a figure eight, or if the pointer begins to count down through the letters or numbers.

If this happens, the session has become dangerous and you must end it immediately. Do not allow the countdown to complete.

Close The Session Properly

If the Ouija session is not closed, the portal to the other side is left open, making it possible for anything to come through.

Make sure that the pointer is placed over the words “Good Bye”.

Then flip the pointer over.

Remove the pointer from the board, and store it separately from the board.

So those are my tips for how to use Ouija Boards safely.

Do you agree or disagree? Maybe you have your own tips. Tell us in the comments section below.


  1. Hello!
    I have some questions abot this.
    First of all what will happen if I talk to a demon?
    And what will happen if I talk with Zozo?
    Thanks for the reply.

    • Don’t do it I got one roday and a countdown spirt came after me, if yoy insist ti countine get sage mist and ack candles. If you encounter one pay attention to signs. And leave quickly.

  2. The answer to both questions is nothing good. IMO trying to contact spirits is ALWAYS unwise. And for God’s sake never energize a haunting by playing around with a Ouji board or holding a seance!

  3. There is no safe methids /preparation where Ouija boards are concerned. It is laughable to think that just by placing the planchette on ‘Good Bye’ that little old humans are suddenly in control. Do not use Ouija boards. Plain and simple.


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