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Connacht, also spelt Connaught, is one of the four provinces of Ireland, located in the northwest, known for its rugged landscapes, charming coastal villages, and traditional Irish culture.

Connacht articles on Spooky Isles


St Willibrord the Rambo Monk – they couldn’t stop him!

JACOB MILNESTEIN reports on St Willibrord, an invincible monk who married evangelism with vandalism!

The 3 Ghosts of Dalzell House, Motherwell

Dalzell House
Motherwell’s Dalzell House is filled with colourful ghosts. CALLUM CAMPBELL tells us the story behind this historic Scottish haunted mansion.

Shadows (S1, E5) Optical Illusion REVIEW

A tourist-friendly manor house takes on a darker ambience after dark for three teenagers. RICHARD PHILLIPS-JONES continues his Shadows episode guide with Optical Illusion.

Innocence gone wild? ‘Gabriel-Ernest’ and Feral Children in Literature

KAJA FRANCK says writers have long used children's innate ability for violence to develop horrifying fiction

10 London Underground Depictions in Horror Film and TV 

London Underground Horror Films
From claustrophobic tunnels to supernatural entities, explore the hair-raising portrayals of the London Underground in horror film and TV, thanks to KATE INGLEBY-PARYLO
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