Tag: East Sussex

East Sussex is a county in South-East England.

It includes Brighton and Hove, Eastbourne, Hasting and Bexhill-on-Sea.

East Sussex articles on Spooky Isles


7 Victorian Poisoners And Their Shocking Crimes

Victorian Poisoners
We look at some of the most infamous Victorian poisoners and their chilling crimes from England.

Why I Love Haunted Govan

MJ STEEL COLLINS tells us why the working-class Glasgow suburb of Govan has more than its fair share of spookiness

Never Trust ‘Orbs’ Taken On Your Smartphone: Experiments You Can Ttry At Home

photograph an orb
MICKEY GOCOOL goes full Paranormal Blue Peter with these experiments to capture fake spirit orbs

Trewint Tor, a tale of Scaredy Cats on Bodmin Moor

What was that mysterious creature guest writer BIANCA saw on her hike up Trewint Tor in Cornwall?

The Warning Phantom of Moorgate Station

Did a ghost cause the deadly crash of a London tube train at Moorgate in 1975? EDDIE BRAZIL looks at the case.
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