Golden Fleece York, the perfect haunted English pub

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The Golden Fleece York is one of the most haunted inns in Yorkshire, says RICK HALE

The Golden Fleece is a great place to stay as a base for exploring haunted York...
The Golden Fleece is a great place to stay as a base for exploring haunted York…

The Golden Fleece Inn

16 Pavement, York YO1 9UP

The Golden Fleece Inn in the ancient walled city of York has a long history of being one of the most haunted buildings, in a city known for its many haunted locations.

The Inn is so famous for its many supernatural entities, that the wildly popular paranormal reality TV show Most Haunted filmed an episode there in 2005.

Since then, stories of ghostly goings-on have only made this small Inn that much more well known.

The Golden Fleece York, a very brief history of a very haunted inn

As far as the history of the Golden Fleece York is concerned, not much is really known.

In 1503, the Golden Fleece did receive a mention in the York archives. And a 200-year-old bathroom was discovered in 2000.

The history of the building may seem unimpressive, nevertheless the number of ghosts makes up for its lack of history.

The Ghosts Of York Golden Fleece

According to staff and local paranormal investigators, it’s believed the Golden Fleece Inn is home to 15 ghosts.

This may seem like a high number of supernatural residents, but only a handful are experienced on a regular basis.

The Lady of the House

The ghost of Lady Alice Peckett, wife of John Peckett, a former mayor of York and a former owner of the Golden Fleece York is witnessed regularly at the Inn.

Lady Alice has been seen quietly walking up and down the stairs, as well as wandering the halls in the early morning hours.

It’s also believed that this fastidious ghost is responsible for rearranging the furniture if it isn’t to her liking.

The Airman

The ghost of a Canadian airman, in full uniform has been sighted by several guests on the upper floor.

During World War II, Canadian soldiers were stationed in York and it’s believed this soldier met with an untimely death when he fell out of a window.

In The Golden Fleece Pub

Two rather unpleasant spirits have been encountered by Golden Fleece York guests and staff in the pub area.

A ghost called, ‘One Eyed Jack’s has been seen in a red frock coat brandishing a firearm in the darkened corners of the pub.

Joining him is a ghost simply called, the grumpy old man. This spirit sits at the bar angrily glaring at people.

If approached, he is said to mutter a string of curse words before vanishing. Leaving behind a feeling of dread.

The Victorian Boy

During the Victorian era, a little boy was trampled under the hooves of horses racing down the street In front of the Inn.

This young spirit rarely interacts with the living, but when he does he plays innocent pranks and disappears while giggling.

The Roman Soldiers

Harkening back to a more ancient time when Rome ruled over England, the ghosts of Roman soldiers have been seen marching through the basement.

Eyewitnesses have gone on record saying these soldiers in full battle gear never interact with the living.

This leads many to believe these soldiers are nothing more than a psychic imprint left on the foundations of the building.

Find out more about haunted pubs in York!

Why stay at the Golden Fleece York?

The Golden Fleece York is a small hotel with only four en-suite guest rooms.

If you want to experience a true English pub, the bar area serves a wide variety of ales and traditional English pub food.

If you’re not hunting ghosts at York Golden Fleece, you may want to explore all of what the city of York has to offer.

There are numerous bars, shops and restaurants in the city. As well as museums and art galleries for lovers of culture.

If you want to experience an old English Inn with plenty of ghosts, the Golden Fleece Inn is the place to stay.

Have you been to the York Golden Fleece ? Tell us about your experience!

Ghost hunt at York Golden Fleece

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