Dean Court Hotel, home of ghostly ‘Mad Maid’


Dean Court Hotel, in the shadow of York Cathedral, is one of York’s most haunted hotels, says RICK HALE

Dean Court Hotel has unexplained supernatural forces
Dean Court Hotel has unexplained supernatural forces

Best Western Plus Dean Court Hotel

Duncombe Place, York YO1 7EF

Situated in the shadow of Western Europe’s largest cathedral, the York Minster is the Best Western Plus Dean Court Hotel.

An elegant 4 AA star hotel that offers not only charm and hospitality, but is also known for being haunted by an entity called, “The mad maid”.

History of The Dean Court Hotel

The Best Western Plus Dean Court Hotel was built in 1865 by the prolific York architects, J.B. & W Atkinson.

The building was originally three separate dwellings for the clergy of the Minster.

The hotel is located on the corner of Petergate, the ancient Roman Road that ran through York almost 2000 years ago.

Shortly after World War I, the Thwaites family bought the middle section, and opened a hotel.

Ownership of the building changed hands several times.

In 1969, the Washington family bought the building and 10 years later acquired the other buildings and converted them into hotel rooms.

It wouldn’t be till 1993, when the hotel was called the Dean Court Hotel. And quickly gained a reputation for being a luxury hotel.

The Haunting Begins

In the early years of the 21st century, the owners began a series of refurbishments that turned the building into the trendy hotel it is today.

However, there was a side effect of the improvements they didn’t expect.

When the work was finished in 2007, it appeared to awaken supernatural forces that laid dormant for many years.

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The Mad Maid

Following the work done to the hotel, several staff members and guests have claimed to encounter the apparition of a maid.

It’s been reported that she appears to rush around the hotel carrying about her daily chores.

She has been described as having an angry look on her face as if she either dislikes her job, or is disgusted by the mess left by guests.

Psychic mediums who have visited the hotel have come into contact with the maid.

They stated that in life the maid was a cleaning lady in the guest house next to the hotel.

When the Dean Court bought the building they acquired the spirit that was clearly unhappy in her work.

Room 36

Room 36 has gained a reputation for being haunted by an aggressive spirit that is anything but welcoming to guests.

Unwitting guests who have stayed in room 36 have reported a mixed bag of paranormal activity.

Slamming doors and objects moving of their own accord are commonly reported in the room.

However, guests have reported a cold chill filling the room, and the feeling of a powerful person with large hands pressing down on their chests.

Whomever, or whatever, haunts room 36 is most certainly not friendly.

Why stay at Dean Court Hotel?

If you’re in the City of York, and looking for an elegant hotel at affordable prices, Dean Court Hotel is for you.

They offer 37 en-suite rooms designed to please even the most discerning of guests.

The award winning DHC restaurant is an impressive dining experience that offers a menu of traditional Yorkshire meals.

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And after you eat you can relax and enjoy a few drinks in the adjacent Lounge bar.

The City of York is one of England’s most historic cities and has a wide variety of sightseeing options.

There are a number of museums, theatres and gardens for people to explore.

The main tourist attractions in York are the York Dungeon, the York Minster and the York Air Museum all three open daily for tours.

The Best Western Plus Dean Court Hotel in stunning York, is a hotel that offers plenty of hospitality.

And plenty of paranormal activity.

Tell us about your stay at Dean Court Hotel in York – did you see a ghost?

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