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Devon is an historic county in the south-west of England.

Hallows’ Eve, Show of Hand’s Spooky Music from the West Country

Show of Hand's Steve Knightley talks to CHRIS NEWTON about Hallows Eve, one of the folk duo's spookiest songs
Devil's Footprints - Devon Folklore

5 Mysterious Devon Folklore Tales

CHRISTINE MILLER tells us of five of the most fascinating Devon Folklore Tales
Shute Barton Manor

The Grey Lady of Shute Barton Manor

Shute Barton Manor might be well known as one of England’s most important manor houses, however, it is also thought to be haunted by a spirit who may be less than impressed at your visit. CHRISTINE MILLER tells us more.
Torbay Postcard

Torbay: Haunted Places to Visit

DAVID PHILLIPS, the founder and organiser of Torbay Investigators of the Paranormal (TIP), gives us the benefit of his more than 25 years of experience exploring the unknown in Devon
Chambercombe Manor

Chambercombe Manor’s dark and grisly secrets

Chambercombe Manor in Devon has a history that has left many ghostly imprints, says CHRISTINE MILLER

Berry Pomeroy Castle: A Scary Ghost Guide

Berry Pomeroy Castle, a haunted Tudor mansion in South Devon, is full of ghosts, Guest writer CHRIS HALL reveals

What Lurks In Dartmoor’s Wistman’s Woods?

Enter Dartmoor's Wistman's Woods at your own peril, lest you come face to face with evil, warns RICK HALE

Plymouth: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

KEVIN HYNES takes us on a paranormal tour of Plymouth, showing us its most ghostly and haunted places to visit
Torquay Museum

Haunted Torquay Museum, a treasury of ghosts

RICK HALE explores the many paranormal mysteries of the Torquay Museum in Devon...

Fisherman’s Cot, home to good and evil spirits

Fisherman's Cot in Devon is haunted with spirits of unknown origin, says RICK HALE
Old Church House Inn

The Haunting Of The Old Church House Inn, Devon

The Old Church House Inn in Devon has experienced shocking hauntings over the years, according to RICK HALE
While staying at Churston Court Hotel, you can enjoy the sun and surf of the beautiful Devon coastline.

Is Churston Court Hotel, Devon’s most haunted hotel?

Located in the heart of the English Riviera, Churston Court Hotel is Devon's most haunted hotel, says RICK HALE

Minerva Inn, Plymouth’s oldest and most haunted pub

The Minerva Inn is Plymouth's oldest pub, where its former inhabitants continue to haunt its well-trodden floors, says RICK HALE
Hairy Hands of Dartmoor

Beware the Hairy Hands of Dartmoor – especially when you are driving!

Guest writer KEVIN HYNES recounts Devon ghostly folklore favourite, the Hairy Hands of Dartmoor
White Lady Road

Plymouth's most famous ghost haunts White Lady Road

Guest writer KEVIN HYNES reveals the ghostly origin behind Plymouth's White Lady Road

Haunted Exeter is alive with paranormal activity, says local investigator

Haunted Exeter is a paranormal playground for investigators, guest writer KATE VON DIERK says

Britian’s Most Notorious Unsolved Deaths

NIA JONES gives us 10 of Britain’s most notorious cold cases, reminding you to never forget them

Richard Cabell, Devon’s Most Notorious Squire

Guest writer MARK NORMAN looks at the dark legend surrounding the 'evil' Squire Richard Cabell of Devon, including black dogs!

Christine Donnelly, Hidden Realms Paranormal Investigators

Spooky Isles interviews Christine Donnelly, Hidden Realms Paranormal Investigators

Thieves cut off St Nectan’s head, but he kept on going!

JACOB MILNESTEIN tells us how the 5th Century Devon Saint Nectan of Hartland had his head cut off by thieves but he stuck it right back on!

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