5 Haunted Exeter Hotels You Can Stay In


Exeter hotels provide more than just comfort, they offer a gateway to ghostly encounters. Here’s five of them you can stay the night – if you’ve brave enough!

5 Haunted Exeter Hotels You Can Stay In 1

If you’re planning a visit to Exeter in Devon and have a taste for the eerie and unexplained, you’re in for a treat! Here are five hotels that not only offer a cosy stay but come with their own spine-tingling tales of hauntings and ghostly encounters.

5 Haunted Exeter Hotels To Visit

The White Hart

66 South Street, Exeter, EX1 1EE

The White Hart stands out with its Grade II listed building and a labyrinth of legends dating back to the 15th century.

This hotel is a treasure trove of ghostly tales, from spectral women and the chilling face of a child, to the macabre deaths linked to a mythical cockatrice.

The echoes of a bygone era are palpable, with frequent sightings of apparitions such as a woman in a black cloak and a spectral boy in old-fashioned attire.

If your travel preferences include the thrill of the paranormal, The White Hart will not disappoint.

Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel

Southernhay East, Exeter, EX1 1QF

Right in the heart of Exeter, the Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel offers modern comforts and a brush with the inexplicable.

The site, once a graveyard, seems to have retained some of its former occupants.

Visitors report seeing a phantom old cart from paths behind the hotel, invisible to those within the car park. Inside, unsettling shuffles and desperate cries of “No” emanate from empty storerooms, leaving guests and staff puzzled and sometimes unnerved.

This hotel is a perfect blend of contemporary amenities and spectral mystery.

Mercure Exeter Rougemont Hotel

Queen Street, Exeter, EX4 3SP

The Mercure Exeter Rougemont Hotel, located near the bustling Queen Street, is steeped in history and mystery.

This site, once a prison complete with its own gallows, today hosts the echoes of its sombre past.

Guests report sightings of a “Grey Lady” wandering the staircases in tattered attire, possibly a remnant spirit from the days when the building served as a guest house. The clanking of chains sometimes pierces the quiet, adding a chilling soundtrack to the night.

This hotel combines luxury with a palpable touch of the historical intrigue of Exeter.

The Turks Head

202 High Street, Exeter, EX4 3EB

The Turks Head Exeter, one of the most haunted Exeter Hotels
The Turks Head, Exeter

Experience a night of traditional charm and ghostly encounters at The Turks Head.

With its colourful history dating back centuries, this hotel is a hub for paranormal activity.

A spectral red-haired lady in a green dress is often seen strolling through the corridors and bar, mysteriously vanishing before she can be approached.

In the cellar, shared with the Guildhall, an eerie presence and unexplained phenomena such as self-operating pub optics contribute to the spooky atmosphere. For those intrigued by ghostly lore, The Turks Head offers a captivating stay.

City Gate

Iron Bridge, North Street, Exeter, EX4 3RB

The City Gate hotel, nestled in the heart of Exeter, is an intriguing place for those fascinated by the paranormal.

Despite its welcoming ambience, the hotel harbours a chilly secret. Guests and staff report unexplained cold winds in the cellar—even on windless, warm days. Eerie sounds, like ghostly screams and a howling dog, echo through the premises, while unearthly music and flickering lights disturb the peace at 3am.

The most chilling spot? The kitchen, where a former landlord met a tragic end, seems to unsettle even the resident cats. This hotel is perfect for those who like a little mystery with their stay.

Have you seen a ghost in any of these haunted Exeter hotels? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


  1. I had the pleasure of visiting The White Hart last year, and while I didn’t encounter any ghosts, the atmosphere was undeniably eerie. The history and stories surrounding the place definitely added to the experience. Would recommend a visit to anyone.


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