Is Churston Court Hotel, Devon’s most haunted hotel?


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Located in the heart of the English Riviera, Churston Court Hotel is Devon’s most haunted hotel, says RICK HALE

Churston Court Hotel
Churston Ferrers, Brixham TQ5 0JE

The coast of Devon in the Southwest of England is a popular tourist destination.

It is well known for its sandy beaches, pleasant climate and recreational attractions earning it the nickname, the English Riviera.

Located in nearby Brixham is the Churston Court Hotel. A Grade II listed, 12th century building, that is not only known for its elegance and hospitality. But its also known for its paranormal activity.

While staying at Churston Court Hotel, you can enjoy the sun and surf of the beautiful Devon coastline.
While staying at Churston Court Hotel, you can enjoy the sun and surf of the beautiful Devon coastline.

History Of The Churston Court Hotel

Churston Court Hotel was built in the 12th century as a manor in the Churston Ferrers, a civil parish first mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086).

According to legend pirates and smugglers built an intricate tunnel system under the hotel that leads to the coast, to waiting ships in the harbour.

Throughout its history, the hotel has played host to numerous famous, and infamous, people.

Explorer, poet and politician, Sir Walter Raleigh was a frequent visitor. As well as author, Agatha Christie

Perhaps the most famous person to visit the hotel was Bruce Reynolds.

Reynolds, was the daring criminal who masterminded the great Train robbery in 1963. While on the run from the law, he hid out in the hotel.

The Haunting Of Churston Court Hotel

Churston Court Hotel, has long been believed to be haunted. And the ghosts appear to be connected to the area’s ecclesiastical past.

With all the reported sightings by guests and staff, the Torbay Investigators of the Paranormal, consider the hotel to be their headquarters and meet there every Monday night.

According to these veteran ghost hunters Churston Court Hotel is very haunted.

The Monks

Sightings of phantom monks is a common phenomena across England.

Perhaps because many haunted locations in England is associated with a religious past. Churston Court Hotel is no different.

Since opening its doors as a hotel, the apparitions of two monks has been frequently seen on the grounds, as well as inside the building.

Eyewitnesses have reported the sudden manifestations of the ghostly pair as they walk the grounds and disappear through a wall of the hotel.

On the inside of the hotel the same monks, with their features obscured by their hoods, have been spotted walking the halls of the hotel.

Many staff members have reported walking through the monks as they suddenly appear and disappear.

Guests of the hotel have had similar experiences. Guests have further reported being awakened in the middle of the night by the ominous monks appearing in their rooms.

They get the sense that the ghostly duo are staring down at them with a disapproving glare.

The Candles

The sightings of the spectral monks may seem disturbing, but they aren’t the only unexplained activity in the hotel.

Staff have reported watching the flame on a candle being extinguished by a cold breeze. And watch as the flame comes to life again. Almost as if some unseen person was relighting the candle.

What The Hotel Offers

Located in the heart of the English Riviera, Churston Court Hotel, has much to offer.

The hotel has 19 en-suite rooms tastefully decorated with antique furniture and the original features of the 12th century manor house.

Churston Court Hotel features a fine dining experience in its restaurant.

And on weekends, they have murder mystery nights, where guests can take part in a whodunit.

This tradition pays homage to the late great, Agatha Christie who was a regular guest.

Out And About

While staying at Churston Court Hotel, you can enjoy the sun and surf of the beautiful Devon coastline.

And you can explore the nearby historic village of Brixham.

If you have ever stayed at Churston Court Hotel, and had an experience, we invite you to tell us about in the comment section.

Rick Hale, is a native of Chicago, Illinois and first became interested in the paranormal after having a positive interaction with an apparition at a young age. Rick is the author of The Geek's Guide To The Strange and Unusual: Poltergeists, Ghosts and Demons. Behold! Shocking True Tales of Terror...and Some Other Spooky Stuff. And Bullets, Booze and Babes: The Haunted History of Chicago and Illinois. Rick is the co-host of The Shadow Initiative Paranormal Talk. Rick was featured in the documentary Ghost Tapes 2. Rick is a featured writer for Spooky Isles and Rick has also been published by Haunted Times, Paranormal Underground, The Supernatural Magazine and Legends Magazine.


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