The Haunting Of The Old Church House Inn, Devon

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The Old Church House Inn in Devon has experienced shocking hauntings over the years, according to RICK HALE

The Old Church House Inn
Torbryan, Newton Abbey TQ12 5UR

The town of Torbryan, Devon is an ancient village that exudes both charm and mystery.

The village was first mentioned in the Domesday Book as Torre Brianne in 1238 CE.

With all this history that came before, it should come as no surprise that many of the homes and buildings can boast their fare share of ghosts.

And if you were to ask which building is the most haunted, locals would more than likely point you to The Old Church House Inn.

History Of The Old Church House Inn

The Old Church House Inn has a long history that lends itself to ghost stories.

The building itself was constructed sometime in the 13th century, however older parts of the building date as far back as 700CE.

Many people have called this building home, but the de Brian family were the longest lasting tenants having resided there for 250 years.

The building has two interesting features that set it apart from the rest. And these features may be what causes the hauntings.

Behind the bar the wood panelling that lines the wall was salvaged from one of the ships of the defeated Spanish Armada.

Adding to the intrigue are subterranean tunnels that connect the old Abbey with the building. It’s believed the tunnels were used by the monks when the weather was treacherous.

Old Church House Inn

With a pub this old, there is of course controversy in its past.

According to legend, Bertie Robinson, a local writer would come and write in the pub while having a few drinks.

Robinson, was working on a supernatural tale of terror concerning a giant black devil dog that hunted down and wiped out a family.

Another writer who frequented the pub was none other than, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

Some believe Doyle stole the idea from Robinson and used it to write The Hound Of The Baskerville’s. Arguably his most famous book.

It’s also believed Doyle poisoned Robinson to shut him up. However, this story is pure speculation.

The Haunting Of The Old Church House Inn

Talk of ghosts have been a part of the Inn’s history for well over a century. With both staff and patrons having numerous encounters with the supernatural.

The stories of the haunting became so well known, Yvette Fielding and her show, Most Haunted investigated the Inn in 2005.

They themselves adding to the many stories said to occur there.

The Disembodied Arm

In 1997, a woman staying in Room 1 was yanked out of a deep sleep when she heard a strange noise and a bone chilling cold that filled the room.

When she was fully awake a horrific sight met her eyes.

The disembodied arm of a man was floating directly in front of her pointing at the wall behind her.

The bizarre vision lasted only a few moments, but it was enough for her to flee the room in terror.

The Spectral Monk

Over the last century the menacing figure of a monk in a black robe and hood has been witnessed lurking around the bar.

One visitor who was sleeping in the bar, woke up sensing a foreboding presence.

When his eyes adjusted to the dark, he could make out the shape of a man wearing a robe seated at a table.

When he attempted to get a closer look, the hooded figure melted into the wall.

The Landlord’s Encounter

A former landlord who lived at the bar with his son heard the boy cry out in terror.

When he entered his son’s room he could see the transparent form of a man leaning over his son.

The landlord managed to scare the man away and chased him downstairs to the bar. When he entered the room, there was no sign of anyone.

The Armada Wall

Patrons sitting at the bar have claimed to see the screaming faces of men in the wood stripped from the Spanish Armada war ship.

The sighting lasts only a few moments, but it’s enough to leave quite the impression on whomever sees the faces.

What The Inn Offers

Besides being a first class restaurant and pub serving local ales on tap, the Inn offers tastefully decorated rooms.

With each room having stone walls and beamed ceilings that will transport you back to the Inn’s mediaeval days.

Out And About

If you’re looking for something to do while staying at the Inn, the beaches of Torquay and Paignton Zoo is nearby.

If you’ve visited The Old Church House Inn, and had an experience, please tell us about it in the comment section.



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