Lanyhydrock House, one of Cornwall’s most haunted places to visit

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Lanyhydrock House isn’t the most famous haunted hotel in Cornwall, but the grand mansion shouldn’t be overlooked, says RICK HALE

Lanyhydrock House
Bodmin, Cornwall
PL30 5AD, UK

Bodmin, Cornwall is a region of the United Kingdom that is well known for its many haunted locations.

And If you’re staying at the famously haunted Jamaica Inn, and looking for another haunted location to explore, you may want to pay a visit to Lanyhydrock House.

Lanyhydrock House is a Grade I listed house with hauntings which rival that of the Jamaica Inn.

Lanyhydrock House in Bodmin is said to rival the spookiness of the Jamaica Inn
Lanyhydrock House in Bodmin is said to rival the spookiness of the Jamaica Inn

History Of Lanyhydrock House

This haunted house was built in 1630 by the tremendously wealthy, Robartes family.

No expense was spared by the family as can be seen in the surrounding gardens, the Long Gallery and the finely crafted plaster ceilings depicting biblical scenes.

The elegant house that greets visitors today was rebuilt in the 19th century following a devastating fire.

Except for the north wing, the main entrance and the gatehouse, the house was destroyed.

In 1953, the National Trust took possession of the house and allows tours.

What they didn’t realize when they took possession of the house, they took possession of its ghosts as well.

The Haunting Of Lanyhydrock House

In July 2004, a local paranormal group was invited to investigate the house after several people reported encounters with the house’s spectral residents.

By the end of their investigation, the group documented several examples of psychic phenomena that calls this beautiful country house home.

Including a former resident who died when the fire almost wiped the house from the Cornish landscape.

The Grey Lady

When the fire broke out and all but destroyed the house in 1881, 68 year old, Lady Robartes, was rescued by ladder from a second floor window.

A few hours after the fire, Lady Robartes, succumbed to the stress of the devastating affair and died.

Her son, Thomas, was left to ressurect the once great house from the ash and rubble left by the fire.

Since then, the apparition of a little old lady in a grey dress has been seen in both the Long Gallery and the Drawing Room.

Visitors who have encountered the old lady remark that she appears just as solid as any living person.

That is, of course, until they approach her and she vanishes before their awestruck eyes.

It’s commonly accepted that the elderly apparition is Lady Robartes herself, still watching over her house from beyond the grave.

The Nursery Suite

Throughout its history, the nursery suite has witnessed the many joys of childhood.

Several generations of children have come and gone leaving their mark on the room.

And if the reports are true, at least one of those children has remained in this happy place that they loved in life.

Visitors to the house have heard the joyful sound of a little girl laughing

They’ve further watched as an invisible toddler happily plays with the toys occupying the room.

No one is certain who this child was in life, but she seems to be intent on enjoying her childhood for all time.

Sights, Sounds and Smoke

There have been several reports of activity in the house that may not be associated with the ghosts. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make them any less mysterious.

Unexplained shadows have been spied moving down the halls of the house, and ducking into rooms.

The sound of heavy furniture being dragged across the floor has been heard in various rooms when no one is in them.

Lastly, the distinct odor of cigar smoke suddenly fills the drawing room with its acrid scent. Only to vanish as abruptly as it appeared.

Lanyhydrock House, a grand old country mansion in Bodmin, Cornwall is considered to be one of the most haunted houses in Cornwall.

It’s opened daily for tours, and the staff is very open to sharing their experiences with the ghosts in residence.


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