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Cornwall is a ceremonial county in South-West England.

It includes Redruth, Falmouth, St Austell, Truro, Newquay, Penzance, Bodmin, Helston, St Ives, Liskeard, Launceston, Hayle, Bude, Wadebridge and Looe.

Cornwall articles on Spooky Isles

Tarry-Dan Tarry-Dan Scarey Old Spooky Man 1978

Paul Currean in the title role, Tarry-Dan Tarry-Dan Scarey Old Spooky Man 1978
Tarry-Dan Tarry-Dan Scarey Old Spooky Man 1978 is a less-remembered BBC ghostly piece of British folk horror but it's worth seeking out, says RICHARD MARKWORTH

What are Cornish Piskies?

Cornish Piskies
Fairy folk live all over England under many different names. Cornish Piskies is the name given to those in Cornwall.

Haunted Pendennis Castle: A Guide to Ghosts

Pendennis Castle
Pendennis Castle in Cornwall has been the centre of many violent events over the centuries. No wonder it's one of England's most haunted castles!

Bodmin Gaol Most Haunted REVIEW

Most Haunted - Mary King's Close
CHRISTINE MILLER reviews a particularly infamous Most Haunted episode when the team took, what would become, a rather eventful visit to Bodmin Gaol

Charlotte Dymond’s Ghost, A Body on Bodmin Moor

Charlotte Dymond
MATTHEW BANKS explores Charlotte Dymond's murder in 1844 on Bodmin Moor, and whether the man man hanged for it was falsely accused

Mermaid of Zennor, Cornwall’s mysterious maritime tale

Mermaid of Zennor Village
The Mermaid of Zennor is remembered on an ancient church pew in Cornwall....

Roche Rock Cornwall, the home of Jan Tregeagle’s evil spirit

Roche Rock Cornwall
Roche Rock is an natural stone formation in Cornwall haunted by the supernatural!

Bodmin Jail’s Ghosts and Other Scary Souls

Bodmin Jail
Bodmin Jail in Cornwall has a long dark history, which has lead to the building overwhelmed with ghost sightings, says CHRISTINE MILLER

St Michael’s Mount: Guide to its Secrets and Legends

St Michael's Mount: Discover the Cornwall' landmark's many dark myths and legends from centuries past. We look at some of them, including Jack the Giant Killer!

Newquay’s scariest haunted places to visit

Newquay is a town located on the north coast of Cornwall. The town is known for the sandy Fistral and Watergate Bay beaches, as...

Bodmin Moor: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

Postcard showing Jamaica Inn in the 1950s
Bodmin Moor in Cornwall is synonymous with stories about smuggling and hauntings. Here are some of the most terrifying stories and haunted places across Bodmin Moor.

Trewint Tor, a tale of Scaredy Cats on Bodmin Moor

What was that mysterious creature guest writer BIANCA saw on her hike up Trewint Tor in Cornwall?

Wheal Alfred Mine Ghost: A Tale of Haunting and Deceit

Miners and the communities in Cornwall were known for the superstitions, including believing in Cornish Knockers...
MATTHEW E. BANKS explores the confusing 19th Century tale of a haunting at Wheal Alfred Mine in Cornwall

Piano-playing phantom shocks Padstow tourists

Guest writer MARY BRAZIL reveals how a holiday haunting in Padstow, Cornwall, has never left her memory...

Trerice Manor, ghostly tales of evil lords and headless horsemen

Trerice Manor in Cornwall is the classic haunted house, full of tales of the supernatural, says MATTHEW E. BANKS

Three Pilchards Pub, a Cornwall smuggler’s (and ghost hunter’s) delight!

Three Pilchards Pub in Polperro
Three Pilchards Pub in Polperro has spooky smells, cheerful ghosts and a history of other hauntings, says RICK HALE

Pengersick Castle, check it out for a haunted experience!

Pengersick Castle
Pengersick Castle in Cornwall has a rich history of hauntings, says RICK HALE

Cornish Owlman: Everything you need to know

The strange Cornish Owlman was first seen in Mawnan Smith in the 1970s. NIA JONES reveals its strange legend.

Something evil stalks haunted Prideaux Place

Several ghosts and something evil stalks Padstow, Cornwall's Prideaux Place, says RICK HALE

Bucket of Blood Pub: The Macabre Story Behind its Gruesome Name

The Bucket of Blood has a macabre legend of a gruesome murder behind its unique name, says RICK HALE

Ghosts and horror haunt Cornwall’s Kennall Vale

A shadowy remnant of a long since passed tragedy haunts Cornwall's Kennall Vale, says RICK HALE

Wellington Hotel in Boscastle, Cornwall: A Ghostly Guide

Old Postcard showing the Wellington Hotel in Wellington Hotel Boscastle, Cornwall
The Wellington Hotel’s family-friendly atmosphere hides the fact it has several active ghosts, says RICK HALE

Jamaica Inn, it’s a crime to miss this famous haunted hotel

Postcard showing Jamaica Inn in the 1950s
The legendary Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor is an unforgettable stay with unforgettable ghosts, says RICK HALE

Lanyhydrock House, one of Cornwall’s most haunted places to visit

Lanyhydrock House in Bodmin is said to rival the spookiness of the Jamaica Inn
Lanyhydrock House isn’t the most famous haunted hotel in Cornwall, but the grand mansion shouldn’t be overlooked, says RICK HALE


Who was Vlad the Impaler, the warlord who inspired Dracula?

Who was Vlad the Impaler
MATTI BEAL looks at Vlad the Impaler, the Transylvanian warlord that gave Dracula his name

Top 11 Haunted Dublin Pubs that are full of spirits!

Haunted Dublin Pubs
Can you handle your Irish spirits? ANN MASSEY takes a look at the most haunted Dublin pubs

St Ives: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

St Ives, Cornwall, is full of haunted places to visit, says LH Davies...

10 Hellraiser Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Hellraiser 1987 facts
KAYLEIGH MARIE EDWARDS picks 10 Hellraiser facts about the daddy of all British 1980s horrors, Hellraiser (1987)

Birmingham: 5 Haunted Places to Visit

NIA JONES discovers five of the most haunted places in Birmingham to visit