Roche Rock Cornwall, The Home Of Jan Tregeagle’s Evil Spirit

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Roche Rock is an natural stone formation in Cornwall haunted by the supernatural!

Roche Rock Cornwall
Roche Rock and its spooky chapel ruins in Cornwall

Roche Rock is an extraordinary rock formation that protrudes out of wild Cornish moorland, with craggy edges and an uneven outline.

Upon initial observation, the Roche Rock is nothing more than a ghastly looking mound of black granite surrounding moor-land in the ancient county of Cornwall. 

But after further investigation, it has been discovered that the Roche Rock is more than just granite.

Apart from the rock being believed to house traveling witches and malicious demons, there is another horror story that is much more popularly believed and feared by all those who live in and around Cornwall. This is the story regarding the infamous Jan Tregeagle.

Back in the 15th century, a chapel was built on top of Roche Rock, but about two centuries later, it was nothing more than grim-looking ruins. It is in the ruins of this chapel that the spirit of Jan Tregeagle lives.

But why was Jan Treageagle condemned to such an afterlife, in the ruins of an old chapel? When Jan lived, he was nothing close to a model citizen. He was known for being a swindler, a crook, and a corrupt local magistrate.

Unfortunately for him, these unpleasant attributes of his were what led him to be sentenced to suffering in the afterlife. 

Strange tale of Jan Tregeagle

Roche Rock and Church in Cornwall - the home of Jan Tregeagle's evil spirit?
Roche Rock and Church in Cornwall – the home of Jan Tregeagle’s evil spirit?

The strange story regarding Jan Tregeagle actually happened after he had died.

It is said that he emerged from the grave to appear in court as a witness for a legal case that he was involved in.

The case concerned the ownership of land, and the prosecutors claimed that Jan had taken the land illegally while he was still alive.

As they were about to conclude the court proceedings, a bizarre chill filled the room and in strolled the dark, shadowy figure of Jan Tregeagle. He went into the witness box, to the sheer disbelief of all the people who were present.

Eventually, Jan was found guilty of the crime so his re-emergence proved to be nothing more than just a theatric ploy.

After the trial concluded, the local clergy took charge of his ghost and sentenced him to a set of impossible tasks that he must complete before returning to the grave.

One of these impossible tasks is for him to empty the Dozmary Pool, using nothing other than a cracked limpet shell.

Roche Rock Cornwall

He failed at completing these tasks and was banished to Roche Rock on the moors. This is where he stays now, regularly haunted by Satan and his hounds.

This is why you can hear screams coming from the moors, as he tries to run and seek refuge from the demons there. 

The rock itself is no stranger to the paranormal with legendary lovers Tristan and Iseult and Celtic saint Conan, known to have been inhabitants of the rock. The rock has stood for centuries and has been known to contain evil forces almost from the beginning.

This is why a long time ago, a couple of holy men made their way to the rock, taking Christianity to Cornwall.

They lived in a small oratory on the rock and prayed against the evil forces that resided on the rocks. It is believed that the locals felt a sense of calm and safety when the men were around and when they prayed against evil beings. 

Roche Rock

The precise reason for the building of the chapel remains unknown though. Some believe it was built simply for the continuity of religious activities in that region while some say it was intended to be used as a beacon for those traveling near the moors.

What we do know is that no matter why it was constructed, it is a grim building with a grim story, and only the brave of heart should even have half a mind to visit that area.

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  1. Hi I have been to the rock and dosmerry I am the direct descendant of Jan.I had the family tree completed the only gap that I have not found is the place he lived in.


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