Something evil stalks haunted Prideaux Place

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Several ghosts and something evil stalks Cornwall’s Prideaux Place in Padstow, says RICK HALE

Prideaux Place
Padstow, Cornwall PL28 8RP

Cornwall’s bucolic countryside is known for being home to several charming country manors with histories as old as the country itself.

And several of them, including the Grade I listed Prideaux Place in Padstow are known for their resident ghosts.

However, it isn’t just ghosts that haunt this house. Something evil is believed to call it home. Something inhuman.

Something evil stalks haunted Prideaux Place 1

History of Prideaux Place

Built in 1592, by distinguished lawyer, Nicholas Prideaux, the house has been occupied by his descendants for well over four centuries.

Up until the dissolution of the monasteries, the house was known as the Manor of Padstow and was inhabited by the Bodmin Priory.

When Prior Thomas Mundey learned of King Henry VIII’s intention of seizing the manor, Prior Mundey hit on a brilliant plan to save the building.

He contacted friends and family and granted ground’s rent and long leases on the Priory’s possessions.

Thanks to the cunning of Mundey, Prideaux Place stayed in the possession of the family that built it. And kept it out of the hands of the king.

The Haunting Of Prideaux Place

Throughout its 400-year history, Prideaux Place has always been considered to be a place of ghosts.

With them being regularly encountered by multiple eyewitnesses.

In 2005, the family opened its doors to Yvette Fielding and her show, Most Haunted, for an investigation.

Following a long night of communing with the spirits, the crew discovered that the house was teeming with unusually active ghosts.

The Scullery Boy

According to several people one of the most active ghosts in the house is a young scullery boy in the kitchen.

This little spirit has been described as 6-8 years old and quickly runs about the kitchen carrying out his chores.

When not being seen, he manifests as a bone chilling breeze swiftly moving about the kitchen and pantry.

The Morning Room

Upon entering the Morning Room several people have been surprised to catch a glimpse of a 19th century woman sitting in the chair.

She appears to be sewing while occasionally pausing to look out the window before vanishing.

The Green Lady

The apparition of a woman in a green dress has been seen on the stairs and the second floor landing.

According to investigators she is believed to be Honor Fortescue, the wife of Humphrey Prideaux.

Upon hearing of her beloved husband’s sudden death, she decided to join him in the great hereafter by throwing herself from the second floor landing.

Although this is the accepted story, a number of visiting psychics have claimed that she was actually pushed. And the murderer was never brought to justice.

The Grenville Room

Something evil, and perhaps inhuman is believed to be in the Grenville Room.

Several people who have stayed in the room have commented that an overwhelming feeling of oppression fills the room.

One guest had a terrifying experience that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

While staying in the room he awoke to a horrific sight. A black shape!


  1. Hi Rick just watched this place on drew Pritchard salvage hunters as they went through the house I had the worst feeling as they were going round the house of something evil it really over whelmed me so I had to look it up which brought me to your write up. What ever is there is really horrible havnt had this feeling for a while. many thanks Beverley


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